Love story about nurse

she a nurse trying to work her way through both her massive student debt and the everyday living expenses of Boston Desperate for cash she takes a job model for a late
night sculpting workshop and initially doesn’t question why the workshop organizer keeps 1paying her more than agreed or keep initially on ordering delivery so she goes home with food or keep making sure she get the job even though several other people are trying for it initially she doesn’t question anything when she finally how will she handle the attention is adorable or terrifying for a man she want be nurse.

i think i had a stroke reading this :sob: what do you need help with, hun? are you looking for a writing partner, a coding partner, someone to bounce ideas with? maybe edit your post and make it a bit more coherent and somebody might be able to help you with what you’re looking for :sweat_smile:

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Yes need your help sweet :kissing_heart:

We help each other out good idea