Love today & tommorrow

hey blossoms i just uploaded my new story please check it out i hope you will like it
STORY - LoVe ToDaY & ToMMoRrOw
Genre -romance
Description - sera is a geek who is desperately looking for a husband due to her family’s pressure for marriage .Sera meets Nish who changes her life and their love story blossoms

I don’t know if you’re looking for feedback or anything, but I will say this in the nicest way as possible. I think you should practice yourself with the spot directing tools. then for the MC’s mom - you didn’t really change her appearance…change her up a bit. then when she had like a pen and writing something , you didn’t even use the prop! there’s a lot of things you should work on before publishing it right away. - like for your grammar you didn’t add periods, commas or like capitals - because if im not mistaken when people read they look for good directing and good grammar… I just hope you take this into consideration and no hard feelings as I hope your story goes well.

  • there’s a lot more to say and add but I think you should like brainstorm and all that before publishing if you know what I mean?
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I’m just wondering, why are the letters sized uppercase and lowercase?

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Are you interested in doing r4r?

Thank you so much for telling me this…I will really work on it…,:heart:

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