Love triangles or 1 Lover?



:tulip:Hi guys!! I’m writing a story right now with romance in it, but I wonder which style the community rather reads.:tulip:
I personally hate love triangles, because there will always be someone thats hurt.
But there are so many love triangles in stories that it must be a big hit!
So I wonder what you think?

:tulip:Do you want a love triangle?:tulip:
:tulip:Or do you rather have 1 lover which already has enough complications XD:tulip:

  • Love Triangle!!
  • I like 1 Lover!!

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:tulip::tulip::tulip:I would love to know what you think!!:tulip::tulip::tulip:


I like a little side romance in a story, I’m not into straight up romance plots, as long as your narrative is compelling I don’t think it matters if there’s one love interest or more.


I always add in two lovers just in case the reader doesn’t like the original.


When it gets to the point where they all know about each other and the mc is going on dates with all of them, but they are still in love with her and are like: “I don’t mind if u go out with that guy because I love you so much” then it comes to the point where the mc has to choose in front of all the guys awkwardly, and it gets all hard to choose and dramatic… If you can make triangles work then… I prefer 1 lover. :pensive:


I hate love triangles. One love interest is enough, thank you very much.


Sometimes I like a good love triangle, just not the way it happens in most stories on Episode.

In my own stories, I have multiple love interests (since everyone falls for different kinds of people) but not in a love triangle kind of way. If you don’t pursue a certain love interest, then there’s no romantic interaction between the two of you… (although you can choose to pursue multiple people at once, which would eventually lead to a love triangle, but that depends on your choices).


XD same for me


I like that idea! thanks


yeah I haate those parts XD I just thought I was the only one


I definitely agree with you!! Although there are some stories with straight up romance plots on Episode that I love :heart_eyes:, I prefer stories with romantic elements instead.


I mean, I don’t recommend that route if you hate coding, but it’s great for people who want to choose how much romance they want in their story (if any).


I like love triangles because it adds drama


Love triangle cause of options and they’re all different, plus sometimes they are options like one is a girl one is a boy that’s helpful for me


i like love triangles because that way 1 love interest isn’t forced down my throat in case i don’t like them.


I personally feel like there’s a difference between love triangles and just having two love interests. I don’t like twilight-style-two-people-are-madly-in-love-with-you-and-you-just-can’t-decide love triangles, but I don’t mind at all there being multiple people who show some interest in you that you can choose to pursue (ie in the Revival)


That’s a good way of putting it! That’s what I was trying to say in my post above. It’s how I do it in my stories too, and I vastly prefer it that way, although it does require a lot of branching. Some people are going to prefer a goofy jokester and some people are going to prefer someone cool and aloof.

Being able to choose which LI you have romantic interactions with lets people have their choice without the story having to get bogged down by a love triangle subplot (and it allows asexual/aromantic readers or people who just aren’t interested in the romance aspect of the story to avoid it altogether).


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