Loving latino by hope moon



Who has read Loving Latino by Hope Moon and what do you think of it. :heart:


I love this story. I just finished it.
I was so sad when it ended but she is writing another one that will have Loving Latino and Hunting Bad in it :slight_smile:
I love it though it is so good


Oh and if you haven’t started Hurting Bad make sure you read it also. Hope Moon is amazing.


Well, I just have a problem with the bad capitalization and punctuation, otherwise it’s really good.


I love it just finished it yesterday!! :sob:


It’s Hunting Bad btw lol. I just started it I am at episode 3 and I can’t wait to find out more about what happens with Gael and Catalina. :heart:️:heart:️


Yes it is so good. I love her cliffhangers and art scenes. :heart:


It was fantastic. Their story was so beautiful. :heart:️:heart:️


It was​:heart::heart::heart:


lol didn’t ever pay no mind that I hit the wrung keys lol. Sorry. But yes I love Gael and Catalina. I love the twins to Jo is my favorite.


Johannes is my favourite too. I love the art scenes. :heart_eyes:


I love all the art scenes but I am in love with the one with the three of them.


Yeah! Rei’s cute too! :joy::heart:


I love him in hunting bad. Hes too cute.


Tbh everyone was cute. :joy: I loved all the characters that Hope Moon created. She’s great. :heart:


My favouriteeeeeeee


Yeah mine too!! It has great characters, art scenes and everything.




I honestly love that story, the art scenes are amazing and there is quality directing and conversations, I also love how she started to tie her other story in with it :smirk:
I definitely recommend this story!


Yeah I agree!