Loving You Forever - A New Story!

Hello, my beautiful Episode family!

I have just published my very first story - Loving You Forever - which is now live on the @Episode app! Wow, I’m so excited for you all to read and let me know, if my debut as an author was successful…?! I love you all so much, please give my story a shot - http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4945780917600256 - I would be the happiest person alive, if you do. There are, currently, 3 episodes for you to read, and I’ll keep you updated whenever I publish the next set of episodes!

Oh, I almost forgot… Here’s the story description!
(It’s a simple love story, nothing too intense.)

Two mature and established individuals find themselves on an app, anonymously getting to know each other. Join them in their beautiful journey of love and compassion :heart:

Love you, love you, love you!!!

(P.S. Hoping that you will like it… fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:)


I wanna read it!! Would you like to do a r4r with me?? Xx

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I am glad! Thank you!!
And, I would love to do R4R, but currently, I’m onto finishing my story and studies as well, so it might not be possible right now. But, you can send me the link of your story, I will read it, as soon as I got a bit time :blush:

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Oh yeah of course I understand perfectly. I go to college and go through the same thing, but here it is!:blush:

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You are so sweet! I will be sure to read this one, the title sounds interesting :kissing_heart:

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Thank you and so are you!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hello, my lovely fam!

I am going to publish Episodes 4-6 on May 17. Stay tuned, and if you have been reading my story, let me know that what you think about it. Is it entertaining enough for you? You are even free to leave any ideas, as to what kind of things attract you in an @Episode story. I would be glad to know and try to bring something like that for you!

LOVE YOU :heart:

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Hello all!!!

Episodes 4-6 are out and live on the Episode app! I hope you enjoy it, as much as, I enjoyed creating it for you!
Read on http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4945780917600256

LOTS OF LOVE :heart:

Hey sweetie.
I do free shoutouts for new author stories.
You can dm me @angryybirdd for free shoutouts in IG


Do you want a Shoutout for your story? Let me know your Instagram account

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You would do that for me?! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You are super sweet! My Instagram account is @senoritaauthor, just made it :blush:

Thank you so much, you are incredibly awesome!! I’ll DM you, my Instagram account is @senoritaauthor, just made it :heart:

And, I’m so sorry for the late reply @divya263 and @HellQueen, I’ve been low for the past few weeks, but I really appreciate you for everything :kissing_heart::heart:

Please check my story out, Episode 1-8 are already published and more coming soon! My Instagram account that I just created is called @senoritaauthor!

http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4945780917600256 :heart: