Lucky Penny's Art Shop (OPEN)

I’m bored, so if you have any splash, edit, or cover requests, you can request here!




Waiting list:


I need on overlay of this character…

Doing this pose…

Holding a basket ball…

I need the arms and the basket ball seperete, or just one arm since I need to code him to throw the basket ball in the air!

If you need his details, just ask!

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I’m sorry, i suck at custom poses :sob:

Well please can I have another request?


Can I have her in this exact pose with the background blurred and her have blush please?

Can I have the campus administration background?

How long will it take?

Thanks in advance!

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sure! i could get it to you by sunday. could i have her details please, and the pose name?

Couldn’t you just crop the picture?

Not trying to be rude :slight_smile:

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i mean i could, but i prefer to just do the coding. if i were to just cut out the photo, it would look blurry, and give the entire edit a different kind of feeling.

Ok! Also you have to goon the primp_neutral and do it where it looks like she’s biting her finger! And I’ll get the details up now!

Hi, I want a splash of turning up the volume and the other about mature themes.
Also, maybe a Season 1 and one of the two above can have my instagram.

The splash needs to have a horror background, which I’m out of ideas right now.

Hi, I want a splash saying
This story use sound so turn up your volum for a better experiese. with teh headphone symbol.
can you ahev the background be red or roses to show love if you can thanks.