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Thank you for taking a look at my art thread! Outline for banners by @meg.epy on Instagram!


Hi there my name is Lucy, I’m not the best at character edits, but I try :/. Also, I might take a while to respond to you or give you your finished product, I do ink and limelight styles. Please credit me with @luci.drawz on Instagram and remember to credit the outline owner aswell!


image Outline by @epsd.diana on Instagram Outline by @sia_myself on Instagram
image Outline by @epsd.diana on Instagram
Outline by @nagi.epy on Instagram Outline by @meg.epy on instagram.

Request Form

Character(s) Deets:
Shading (Limelight/Ink/None):
Rough Picture/Pose Idea:
(Optional) Background:
(Optional) Text:
(Optional) Additional:
Custom Character edit like my examples or a splash (using the characters themselves and slightly adjusting and changing them for the pose)?:

In Progress


Waiting List


Thank you for taking your time to read this. If you have any suggestions on how i could improve with these edits feel free to say and it would be greatly appreciated, so would a quick follow on insta! @luci.drawz

PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON THE WAITING AND IN PROGRESS LIST TO GET AN IDEA OF HOW LONG YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT 28/06/2020 Please don’t request atm, i am FULL, i have just under 30 requests :open_mouth: and the oldest is almost 2 months old and im freaking!


Sorry I forgot to mention I only do ink, is that alright still?

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Btw the girl in the jean jacket has a long high pony tail

Great!! I’ll start it tomorrow as it’s really late now! Have a great night!

You as well thank you for doing this

Can I request something, please?



(shes standing on the roof)


(she can be wearing all black- like a black bodysuit or something… she also has a gun strapped around her thigh)

On the Rooftops

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Sure! When I have finished my current request and I’m rlly sorry but I’m terribly slow but I’ll try to get to you quickly.

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Can you please do this picture please? Bts|690x266 Ahahahhaha try and draw that lucy

Remember to give proper credit to whose outlines you used.


I do give credit to the people outlined I used if I can but I could only find who made them for one of the example images unfortunately

Would you like shading?

Yes pls

you have been moved to the in progress list


Hi there, here’s the finished cover, so sorry for the long wait and thank you for waiting

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is this a request?


Hey for your banners, who’s outline is that? I really like it.

Sorry not trying to be off topic! Your art is good!

It’s absolutely fine, and thank you, after a bit of looking around I found it, they are by @episodeoutlines on Instagram