Lucy's Art Shop (CLOSED)

Credit to @epi.verve

:sparkles:In this art shop you can request backgrounds, overlays, custom poses, pfps …etc.:sparkles:
:sparkles:If I can’t find/do the background, overlay or custom pose you’re looking for I will let you know :sparkles:
:sparkles:I also make backgrounds so if you need me to make one send a picture of an empty room (If you can):sparkles:

:small_blue_diamond: Be patient there are other people requesting too.
:small_blue_diamond: Respect each other and don’t bully or harass anyone.
:small_blue_diamond:When requesting state the artist you prefer.
:small_blue_diamond:No Threadhopping

:small_blue_diamond:If you want to use the examples ask for permission first :small_blue_diamond:

@LucyLu examples:

Drawn Characters

Custom poses

Character Edits


:blue_heart: @LucyLu: Instagram @lucy_lu writes or my forum name :blue_heart:

Waiting List


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Moved to Art Resources since Feature + Art Suggestions is for requests to the development team.

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Heyyy!!..I’m taking art requests!



how can i request one

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You can pm me your details.

Your art is beautiful! But this should be in art resources!

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Do you do only ink or can you do LL? :blob_hearts:


Hey I want a background

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Reception background

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hi can i request a drawn character please
do you do LL?

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Omggg I just want to say best of luck and I love your art I will definately ask for something

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Best of luck! Also do you take LL requests?

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I only do ink…sorry

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ok thats fine
can i request a character edit

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here are my details:


Body: Rosewood
Brow: Classic Natural
Hair: Diva Curls in Black
Eyes: Upturned Bold in Blue
Face: Oval
Nose: Elven
Lips: Full Round in Scarlet


Can the pose be like something similar to this


And you can choose the clothes idm
And can the hair be long like ur example too plz and can she have some tattoo’s idm where
ty :two_hearts:

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Can you send the overlay

Which overlay?