Lunaas Text Overlay Shop Open

Just head on over to :point_down::point_down:


Do you do normal overlays?

i can try what do you need

  1. Fire like this
  2. Broken table like this
    (Do you know anyone who does backgrounds?)


check this out…theres al ot ik but ik for sure they have fire overlays here

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Can you also make the broken table fixed and broken

Thats confusing, i need overlays from someone on forums who can create them or something! Sorry, i will go somewhere else!
Thanks for trying!

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Sorry this will help if someone answers me asap!
not being pushy even though i sound super pushy!
Cant continue my story without the fire overlay!
The table overlay i will need very soon after that!

what exactly do you mean by “normal overlays” the one you upoaded is already a png

I need ones that arent copyright! These need to be fixed so they arent copyright!

ok well heres a fire


Who do i give credit to?

heres another on if you dont like the first one


i suggest you look at the following sites for free to use pictures or pngs

Am i able to use the second fire above and if so who do i credit?

Yes you are I got it off one of the websites you don’t have to credit

Are you still doing overlays?

can you cut me the arms as an overlay with rose 01 skin color ?

without showing the jacket (without long sleeves)