Lunaa's Text Overlay Thread {Closed Until Further Noticed}

My laptop is broken so the shop will be CLOSED

I know you can already make some in the portal. Dara Explains how to do that here but you know the font is not the most creative…so why not help out by giving you options


*NA=Numbers under that font Not Available
*A Charming is one Font…Left leaning is another(same as A Charming just its slants/italicized towards left)
*Quake Font looks best with All Capitalized letters
*Font “Nice Dream Come True” is hard to see in that color so here it is in another

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 3.48.26 AM


And if you dont know how to Upload the overlay check Apes Thread out and if you dont know about Overlays take a look at Dara’s Thread and Joseph Evans Video. He has both Overlay and Animated Overlay

Request Form

  • Text(What you want it to say):
  • Font Option:
  • Color Option:
  • Do you want the text BOLD:
  • Do you want the text Italicized :
  • Do you want a Shadow:
  • If yes what color:
  • Do you want a Glow:
  • If yes what color:
  • Do you want Stroke:
  • If yes what color:

This is what I mean by Shadow/Glow/Stroke

My Examples

No Effects


Glow Effect


Shadow Effect


Stroke Effect


CuStm OvErLaY / Multiple Effect


How To Credit Me!!!

  1. Use my Instagram account or Forum Account @Mystiklunaa to credit me

  2. You must give credit when text overlay is in use. Along with giving me credit at the beginning or end of the chapter.

  • Use the reader’s message feature when my Text Overlay is used in any scene.

Thank you @Mystiklunaa for this [insert adjective here] Text overlay!

Text Overlay made by @Mystiklunaa on IG! OR Text Overlay made by @Mystiklunaa on forums

  1. A temporary Instastory post does not count. It must be saved in your highlights if this is how you’d like to give credit.
  • However, you still have to credit me in your Episode story
  • If your account is private, you must send proof of credit to @Mystiklunaa through DM.
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I would love one. :blush:

Tell me what you want and i got you :kissing_heart:

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hm, anything adventure kind of font.

Adventurous: Making A Difference

Hi can I have “Broken Promises”
Font = Alien League
Color: A pinkish red

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Text: Aaliyah
Font: Zapfino
Color: White or whatever looks best with that font.

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colorful or any kind of color tht u think fits :blush:



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There’s a few…I know overwhelming hahah but i liked them all











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I love em all :heart_eyes:
thank youuuu!


Text: Nae’s Neats
Font Brooklyn Kid
Color: Like a dark purple but still kinda light (idek) :joy:


Text: Racing Heart
Font : Shadow
Color: Maroon
Text: Thank for reading
Font: Script Tina
Color: ocean
Text : ghosty.writes
Font: Script Tina
Color: Ocean
Can I please request these :heart:


Text: Tied Together
Font Water Street
Color: 2 row (horizontal); first red.




Purple Idk

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Tysm :two_hearts:

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I know im sorry i havent done yours i’m working on it im just so indecisive lol…i feel like i need to make yours like really good

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Racing Heart

Thanks For Reading


Tied Together

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omg this what I needed for the intro of my story! :joy:
name: An Unknown Agent
font: deparment h
color: dark red or grey idk which one will look better

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