Lunaa's Text Overlay Thread {Closed Until Further Noticed}

Just know the numbers won’t come out like the font and the only part thats white is the fingerprint marks the actual letters are transparent and the color will vary depending on your background

heres what i mean by only the fingerprint is white and the letters are transparent…LET ME KNOW IF YOU STILL WANT THIS FONT

can I change it to Don Graffitti

this is how don graffiti looks…shall i continue with this font??

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  • Text(What you want it to say):
    1- Aurora
    2- Stanfield
    3- Flynn
    4- Ryder
  • Font Option: Don Graffiti
  • Color Option: 330033
  • Do you want the text BOLD : No
  • Do you want the text Italicized : No
  • Do you want a Shadow: No
  • If yes what color: No
  • Do you want a Glow: No
  • If yes what color: No
  • Do you want Stroke: No
  • If yes what color: No
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Hey can I have the Thankfully font in a gold color?
If so I would need a couple.

-Not Your Angel
-The Next Morning
-To Be Continued

How does this look for a gold color

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I love it
Can I see it without the white and one w out the glod\w by any chance?

Here’s without the white

here with no glow

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 11.53.50 PM

Can I see it with the white w no glow?
Sorry I’m acting so particular

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Here you go

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Haha I am so sorry I’m causing so much trouble with this!
Can I see it w out any effects in a darker blue color?

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 12.21.47 AM

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Can I get it in that color with that font? Thank you so much!

here you go

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Thank you so much!
How do I credit?

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