Lunaa's Text Overlay Thread {Closed Until Further Noticed}

heya can i request?

  • Text(What you want it to say): Listen Before I Go
  • Font Option: aquiline
  • Color Option: ffffff
  • Do you want the text BOLD : yes please
  • Do you want the text Italicized : no
  • Do you want a Shadow: yes
  • If yes what color: cccccc
  • Do you want a Glow: no
  • If yes what color: n/a
  • Do you want Stroke: no
  • If yes what color: n/a

so when you say for color dark red and black do you mean two different one in red and one in black or what do you mean AND you want one in all those fonts AND regular and bold and italicized

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thank uu

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yes & yes

i dont know what you’re using it for BUT considering you keep asking for the same Text just in different fonts I DEMAND YOU GIVE ME CREDIT!

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From Kylie :sparkling_heart:


I wanted to do it :rage::pensive:


HA tOo latE :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Can I please have ten? The numbers one through ten (written out ei. one, two, etc) in color FFFFFF with a glow in color 000000 in font PHOSPHATE. If so thank you in advance!

I will do them as soon as I get home later on today if that’s ok

No rush! Thank you!

Hey! hope you’re still doing these :0.
I’m writing a new story called Armageddon for the creators contest Another World

I was hoping you could do the word “Armageddon” for me please :slight_smile:

font: Reversed
Color: 993333 (red)

  • italicized
  • shadow (color: 660000) (maroonish)

feel free to mess around with it, if you find something that looks cooler than what I recommended I’d love to see it!

Here you go Let me know if i need to make any changes




hi yes im still doing them and can you tell me more about what your story is…like is there a specific them or genre or if you have some sort of color scheme or if there are just some important colors…so like for example, if its medieval ill look for a medieval font if its sci-fi=scifi font horror=scary font…feel free to PM me if you dont want to share story info with the public

my story is kind of “action & adventure” based. It takes place in modern time (2019) and involves going up against the government as a rebellion for killing 50% of the population. Im going for something dangerous looking involving the color red or anything related to it.

ok well here is the overlay of what YOU REQUESTED but ill try and mess around with it and see if i can find something cooler…unless you really like what you came up with

now i didnt know if you wanted the shadow above or below so heres both

and also how do you feel about stroke and glow for text overlays

honestly they both look cool, don’t really have a preference, and the first one you made looks great! but yeah if you find something you think looks better id like to see it.

thank youuu <3

ok and also when i think action and color red i think of the color black is that ok…can i use the color blak

of course