Lunaa's Text Overlay Thread {Closed Until Further Noticed}

nope. you can use whatever u think fits.

This is what i have so far…are there any you like as of rn or did just looking at it help you come up with something as well

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looks pretty good.
and can i requests for the story title “Remnant Past” too? it will have the same background too.
here’s a little description of the story.
“No matter how much you try to run away from it, it keeps on chasing you forever.” Join Lucy, on her struggle against her abusive past and her perseverance for a better future.

dont worry each line wont be different colors im just testing out which colors look best with the backgrounds…do you like the font i can always change it for you…how do you feel about the colors is there a specific one you like…

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I like the last one. Font and color in perfect in it

here you go love let me know if you need any changes made…

idk if you wanted them together or as individual overlays

So actually for the story title do u have any other font suggestions?
and can the words be separated like you know “no matter how far” as 1 png like that for other words too

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for forever?

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now for the story title font suggestions?

Here are some fonts…

MY FAV :point_down:

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I like your fav one. hmm instead og grey can i see how it looks in black?

Can I just have 4?

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what do you mean love?

Oh, overlays of my name and story titles :sweat_smile:

Of course hun just Fill out the request form

I am liking this one. What do u think?

Text: TamiRose.
Text: Deadly Secrets: color- Red
Text: AW: Realm of Dreams- Color- pastel
Text: Lost Summer Love- color- White

Can I just have em like your example above? In the pic with the woman.

That’s it :sweat_smile: