Lunaa's Text Overlay Thread {Closed Until Further Noticed}

what font do you have in mind

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fake plastic please.

i did two one is in solid black the other i dropped the opacity down to 50%



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actually can i get it in honey script, srry for the font change x

i hope you don’t mind but i added a small grey stroke so that you can differentiate the word from the glow

but here it is without the stroke exactly how you asked for

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its ok here you go

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Love it!!! Thank you soooo much

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its fine idm:) thank you <3

  • Text(What you want it to say): Swiping Right (with the tail in the “g” being an arrow pointing right)
  • Font Option: Phosphate
  • Color Option: 00CC33
  • Do you want the text BOLD : Yes
  • Do you want the text Italicized: No
  • Do you want a Shadow: No
  • If yes what color:
  • Do you want a Glow: No
  • If yes what color:
  • Do you want Stroke: No
  • If yes what color:

with the font you want the letters are in all cap so it looks like this


but if you wan the arrow i came up with this




I like the second one, but it’s there a way for the arrow to curve slightly upwards. And yes I want all of the letters in all cap

this is the closest i can get it to


Why don’t you try it with only the first two letters capitalized? I’m sorry for making you try it again I just envisioned it one way so I’m trying to instruct it as best as possible

The whole font makes all the letters capitalized so if you want the first two just capitalized youll have to change the font

or how about this you find me a good curvy arrow you like and ill try and make it work

It’s better if you use the sign painter font for this since I tried it capitalized it didn’t look like a g and I had to draw it out since I couldn’t find on that looked the way I envisioned it.

im looking at other arrows but this is what i have so far


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It’s really good


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