Lunaa's Text Overlay Thread {Closed Until Further Noticed}

Omg tysm and no worries at all they’re amazing

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Hey hun can i request two text overlays?
Actually i have the bakcground, U can suggest any suitable font and colors for that or you can try which one sent. There are two words.

  • Divination
  • By: Ayca

  • Text(What you want it to say): Divination
  • Font Option: Witching hour
  • Color Option:FFFFFF
  • Do you want the text BOLD :yes
  • Do you want the text Italicized :no
  • Do you want a Shadow:yes
  • If yes what color:0099cc
  • Do you want a Glow:yes
  • If yes what color: 006699
  • Do you want Stroke:yes (in a little amount)
  • If yes what color:003399

Hey! I would like to get a text overlay!

1. Credits
2.Sign Painter

Thank You!

what’s the story about or what kind of genre is it

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Hi! This is so awesome!
Could I get one? :blush:

yes of course just fill out the form

here you go let me know if you want me to fix anything for you

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Thank you so much!

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here you go love…let me know if you want me to change anything and dont worry i’ll still try and see what i come up with

Of course!

  • Text(What you want it to say): New Life

                            Episode (I dunno, all numbers? :D I'm gping to need a lot of those :D )
  • Font Option: I actually don’t know, what would you recommend to this background? :thinking:

  • Color Option: Again, maybe you could recommend? :sweat_smile:

  • Do you want the text BOLD :yes

  • Do you want the text Italicized :no

  • Do you want a Shadow:yes

  • If yes what color: probably something like 333333 or a darker shade of a text color you are going to choose :grin:

  • Do you want a Glow: no

  • If yes what color: nope

  • Do you want Stroke: no

  • If yes what color: nope
    I would also like an effect like those words appear slowly, firstly the “New Life” and then “Episode **”. How do I do that?

what’s the background love?

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Oh shoot, sorry, here it is!

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ahh ok thank you and just to be clear the text you want it to say New Life Episode right and you want them in 2 SEPARATE overlays or just 1 overlay with the words just in rows

in 2 separate overlays, one “New Life” And the other “Episode” and numbers from which I could make the number of episode :smiley:

Although in my backgroud, I think it would look better that “New Life” would go like the word “Life” would be under the word “New”


something like that. I don’t know, what do you think? :grin:

ok two separate new life AND episode…sorry for all the questions i just want to cross my t’s and dot my i’s…so would you like me to do the numbers as well for episode so like Episode 1…Episode 2…Episode 3…OR Episode One…Episode Two…Episode Three

Ps: i have a few fonts in mind i’ll show them to you as soon as i finish looking through the rest

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All good! I’m just glad your taking your time to do this for me :relaxed:
And numbers as " Episode 1… Episode 2… and so on. That way it will be less work for you, hun :heart:

its fine i have time and now would you like them to be in the same overlay or 2 separate overlays so one is Episode and the other the #

I don’t know, maybe in the same? but you know there are going to be at least 20 of those :sweat_smile: I don’t wanna overwork you

its fine love look here

and here

and then theres

so dont worry you wouldnt be the first love

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ok love so here are the fonts that i personally thought looked good with the background…let me know what you think…dont worry about the color orange i will be changing it unless you like that color

Witching Hour

Snell Round





Brotherhood Script

Aquiline two

Dancing vampyrish

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