Lunaa's Text Overlay Thread {Closed Until Further Noticed}

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  • Text: To be Continued…
  • Font Option: Quake
  • Color Option: 999999
  • Do you want the text BOLD : Yes
  • Do you want the text Italicized : No
  • Do you want a Shadow: No
  • Do you want a Glow: No
  • Do you want Stroke: No


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Thank you! It’s perfect!

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Hi! I was wondering if I could get a couple different text overlays from you, thank you so much!!!

1st Overlay
2nd Overlay
3rd Overlay


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So, here’s my first requests :joy: I am Liza ,just saying it cause I will be here next weeks A LOT
So, All text overlays (each one) have one EMPTY line between them (so, you could see what are one text overlays and what are others :joy:)
Font: A Black Crown
Color: 000 000


Érase una vez, vivían ocho hermanas.

Estas ocho hermanas se llamaban Riair, Karda, Reath, Geney, Rier, Cei, Lihty y Tawer.

Se amaban y prometieron permanecer juntos sin importar qué. Cada uno, representaba un elemento.

Riar representaba el aire, Karda representar la oscuridad, Reath representar la tierra, Geney representar la energía, Rier representar el fuego, Cei representar el hielo, Lihty representar la luz y Tawer representar el agua.

Cada uno, dominar las cosas que los elementos representaban. Muchas veces,

La gente los llamaba “Las hermanas del alma”.

Después de su apellido fue nombrado “La Ciudad Oculta”, también conocida como Cleastra.

La hermana “inteligente”.
Perezoso pero confiado.
También conocido como “La libélula”

La hermana “hermosa”.
Molesto pero amable.
También conocido como “The Moon Child”

La hermana “torpe”.
Celoso pero cuidar.
También conocido como “The Flower Baby”

La hermana “tormentosa”.
egoísta pero amoroso.
También conocido como “La nube tormentosa”

La hermana “ardiente”.
Egoísta pero amorosa.
También conocido como “The Flammable”

La hermana “congelada”.
Frío como el hielo pero dulce como la miel.
También conocido como “The Icicle”

La hermana “dorada”.
Dotado por la princesa sol Gvacianya.
También conocido como “The Sun Crystal”

La hermana “llorando”.
Sombrío pero ambicioso.
También conocido como “The Crybaby”

Aunque había ocho hermanas, muchas conocían dos hermanas: Lihty, controlar del sol y Karda, controlar la luna.

Su trabajo consistía en cambiar los lugares de la luna y el sol en el momento adecuado para mantener el equilibrio entre el día y la noche.

Otras hermanas también querían ser apreciadas, así que las hermanas comenzaron a pelear.

Todas las hermanas, desde Riair hasta Tawer, pensaban que ella era el elemento más importante.

Las bocas pasaron y las hermanas tuvieron que seguir su propio camino, partiendo de The Soul Sisters.
Pasaron veinte años y todo estaba fuera de lugar. La naturaleza estaba seca, día y noche al mismo tiempo, todo el tiempo.

La vida en Cleastra era terrible.

Hasta ese día, cuando Lihty se dio cuenta de lo que está mal.

Nada en este mundo es tan importante como la familia.

Ella decidió reunir a las hermanas del alma.

Ella reunió todos los elementos para mostrarles lo que realmente significaba la familia …


Here’s some more :joy:


Once upon a time, there lived eight sisters.

Those eight sisters were named Riair, Karda, Reath, Geney, Rier, Cei, Lihty and Tawer.

They loved each other and promised to stay together no matter what.

Each of them represented one element. Riar represented air, Karda represented darkness, Reath represented earth, Geney represented energy, Rier represented fire, Cei represented ice, Lihty represented light and Tawer represented water.

Each of them controlled things what elements represented.

They were lot’s of times called “The Soul Sisters”.

After their last name was named “The Hidden City” also known as Cleastra.

The “smart” sister.
Lazy but trustful.
Also known as “The Dragonfly”

The “beautiful” sister.
Annoying but kind.
Also known as “The Moon Child”

The “clumsy” sister.
Jealous but caring.
Also known as “The Flower Baby”

The “stormy” sister.
Dumb but polite.
Also known as “The stormy cloud”

The “burning” sister.
Selfish but loving.
Also known as “The Flammable”

The “frozen” sister.
Cold as ice but sweet as honey.
Also known as “The Icicle”

The “golden” sister.
Gifted by Sun Princess Gvacianya.
Also known as “The Sun Crystal”

The “crying” sister.
Gloomy but ambitious.
Also known as “The Crybaby”

Even though there were eight sisters, many knew only two: Lihty ,controller of the sun and Karda ,controller of the moon.

Their job was to switch moon’s and sun’s places at right time to hold balance between day and night.

Other sisters also wanted to be appreciated so, sisters began to fight.

Every sister from Riair to Tawer thought that she was the most important element.

Mouths passed and sisters had to go their own way ,leaving from The Soul Sisters.

Twenty Years passed and everything was out of place.

Nature was dry, day and night were at the same time, all the time.

Life in Cleastra was terrible.

Until that one day ,when Lihty realised what’s wrong.

Nothing in this world is as important as family.

She decided to reunite The Soul Sisters.

She brought all elements together to show them what family really meant…

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More :joy:



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if you would like to play WITH music.

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But this is also for best experience!
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Do you understand those sentences?

Having no hair make you look even hairier.
She has habit taking showers in lemonade.
Flying fish flew past raccoons

Heres the first batch

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2nd Batch

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3rd Batch

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Thank you so much! I will be back with more :joy:

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i am so sorry for the delay it didnt notify me when you put in a request…here are you other request if you need any changed made let me know @S_i.m.o.n.a

  • Text(What you want it to say):
    1- A Month Ago
    2- Present
    3- End Of Episode
  • Font Option: Suscriber
  • Color Option: FFCCCC
  • Do you want the text BOLD : Yes
  • Do you want the text Italicized :
  • Do you want a Shadow: No
  • If yes what color:
  • Do you want a Glow: Yes
  • If yes what color: FFFFFF
  • Do you want Stroke: No
  • If yes what color:
  • Text(What you want it to say): Welcome
  • Font Option: A Black Crown
  • Color Option: FFFFFF
  • Do you want the text BOLD :
  • Do you want the text Italicized : No
  • Do you want a Shadow: No
  • If yes what color: -
  • Do you want a Glow: No
  • If yes what color: -
  • Do you want Stroke: No
  • If yes what color: -

i also apologize for taking long once again it did not notify me but here you go if you need any changes made let me know

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