Lunaa's Text Overlay Thread {Closed Until Further Noticed}

Yass that looks good!!! Thanks!!

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and is the say its setup good or do you want it all together like in a straight line like…Inner Circle

Could I actually have them in two separate overlays? If not, I can just split it myself

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of course you can ight i’ll finish the rest in a bit and i’ll send them in a bit

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sorry to bug again… inner circle do you want it bold italic as well or did you like how it looked normal

ur not bugging lol, can Circle be bold italic and inner is just normal? thx

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Let me know if there is anything you would like for me to change, and i’ll gladly make them for you












Revenge's A Bitch



Hi quick question do you want like so



and as of what you see right now would you like to make any changes or is this fine

First one cause it be like across the live stream and on top of the screen, since we only have a point up animation!

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ok well here you go if you want me to add thing let me know and i’ll gladly add the changes

Tenelle @ Epison Q

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Love it thank you!

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hey thank you so much!! if possible could you make the shadows on Inner and Circle more spread out?

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Spread out as in the space between the letters OR spread out as in the space between the red text and the shadow

Spread out like instead of taking the shape of the letters harshly its more blurred

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is this what you meant

Yes, thank you!! And last thing, sorry I forgot to say this the first time, could you add a thin black outline? Again, if not, it’s totally fine! :smile:

thin black line to inner circle ???

Like an outline on the letters, I think it’s called Stroke

like so or do you want the line a littler bigger