But I sent it already. It is done :joy::joy::heart:

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omg im so sorry :sweat_smile: I’m an idiot I forgot to save it so I was confused

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Hahah, no problem :sunflower::two_hearts:

Hi, I do not work here, but I know that thus sjop is closed…

I am an artist u can pm me

I’ll pm u

They requested at other places

You forgot the Zombie Arts - Art Shop Revamped {Open} 🖤!

@Uswa ?!?why?!? Thx @AMagic

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Guys she requested it in Kit Kat art shop too

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@LilyLunaEpisode Hii, hope you’re doing well, I was wondering if I could get an update on my request? If you can’t do it/don’t want to do it anymore/don’t have time I’ll cancel it and ask somewhere else, it’s okay :slight_smile: I know school is starting for some of us haha

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Sorry for the wait… I answered your other message, I’m so sorry…

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No it’s okay!! I just saw it :slight_smile: I just didn’t want to take too much of your time

@EpisodeMirana do you do LL? I need a drawn small cover if you’re up for it. (the style is more like a pfp) :laughing:

1 splash
Artist: @Captain_vanilla but any artist is fine
Password: Lillies
What is happening: My character is in an interrogation room

Omg you guys are all so talented!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Hi I was wondering if I could get a cover?

If yes could it be drawn?
I don’t have a preference on who the artist is

The title of the story is guilty and it is about a girl joining a gang so anything with dark colors, guns, and that sort of vibe would be awesome! I trust your creative take and would be happy with whatever you come up with!
Password Lillies

Hi . I would like an outro .
Style: Ink
Character details:
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Almond Luxe (brown)
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Faceshape: Diamond
Hair: Beach Wave (blue)
Pose: Something you think is cool
Background: something at night
Pose: Similar to this
Password: 1*Lillies

Hey Just wanted to ask you Can I get a cover Where can I fill the form ??