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Made the outline :))

If I read well you said that after it’s done I will delete the outline, right?

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What do you want: Cover
Which Artist: @Jany @LilyLunaEpisode or @Silver_Shadow
Password: Lillies
Details: The title of my story is Work-o-holic and my idea was to have my MC in work clothes (kind of disheveled) holding her son’s hand as he pulls her along pointing to something. She’ll be on the phone and holding papers under her arm. As she does that her love interest will be behind her reaching out to her/running towards her. Her assistant and body guard will be doing the same thing.







What do you want: (Cover, Art scene, Etc.)

I’d like to request a cover, both small and large.

Which Artist?

I’d like to request from @Silver_Shadow !


[/quote][quote=“LilyLunaEpisode, post:1, topic:225156”]

  • The Current password is Lillies
Details: ( What’s happening in this? / What characters/Background/Pose? )


Pose: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/6e/65/c9/6e65c91effd003bb63cd8d75700212c0.jpg

Character details

Style: LL
Skin: Rose 02
Hair: Ponytail Blunt Bangs (Black Dark)
Eyebrows: Arched Thin (Black Dark)
Eyes: Round Medium (Brown Black)
Nose: Round Button
Face: Heart Soft
Lips: Small Neutral Matte(Fair Gold Gloss

I think there’s a mistake, i like the outline but I wanted small cover(edited) the characters details and background I have send 13 days ago. Will you check it.

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Sorry, I don’t take request here anymore

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Oh okay

Could I get a small cover?

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Can I make a request please?

Ok :blush:

I know. I said that I finished with the outline.
I still have to colour it , add the background etc :blush::heart:

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Hey can i an cover and sunflower background

Something like the guy is hugging the girl