Lunar art shop! (OPEN AND HIRING!)

yea ofc! i’ll add it when i get home :upside_down_face:

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hey! i have since updated the thread! just letting you know :upside_down_face:

Hey, @liv.writes, do you trace your drawn art using Episode characters? Not that that’s bad or anything, I’m just curious. :slight_smile:


Omg tysmm :black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart:


editor : @Nat.Alia
*style (limelight, ink, classic.):*Limlight
character(s) name(s):

Charters names!!

Zayia and Jayce

Charters info

Body:Male Athletic Body (color:Rose 04)
Brow:Straight Medium (black Dark)
Hair:Slicked Back Side Shaved Tousled (Black Dark)
Eyes:Deepset Downturned Lidded (Hazel)
Face:Male Generic
Nose:Straight Pointed
Mouth:Medium Heart Vampire Fangs (Rose Light Nude Matte)
Add on’s: Tribal Sleeve Tattoo, Full Body Tribal Skull Lace Ink Black


Body:Female Athletic Body (color:Rose 04)
Brow: Arched Natural (black Dark)
Hair: Layered Wavy Bob (Black Dark)
Eyes:Female Generic(Brown Black)
Nose:Defined Natural
Mouth:Full Round Pouty Vampire Fangs(Rose Light Nude Matte)
Add on’s: Freckles Heavy (08-10), Tribal Sleeve Tattoo, Nose Stud Silver

story title: Taste of danger
background (if you already have one, if not, give us an idea of what you want for your background): Like a ally type
picture of your character(s):


clothing you want your character to be wearing: (if you have specific clothing, if not, just give us a general idea of the style you want):


character’s personality or emotion you want in the cover:
Jayce is kinda smirking
and Zayia is rolling her eyes as jayce has her pinnd to a wall

general idea of what you want in the cover (please be as specific as possible):

  • Can you have it look like zayia has blood on the side of her mouth
  • if u can a gun holster on her thigh
  • Can you have it say “Taste of danger by ,Ericka” and in the corner have “Follow on ig @Eri_Wrights_storys

when you need it by: um whenever your free or done
extra details um pls dont forget the tattoos ect Oh and can it look like the cops are near
password: \Octapus

Thanks ,pls inform me if there is any missing info


Request accepted! I’ll get started right away. :hearts:


omg tysm!


Yeah I usually trace! I’m not great at drawing freehand aha.

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ofc! :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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just finished!! here it is :upside_down_face:

(pm me if you want the edited version)


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Thank you :smiley_cat:

why do you guys need passwords ? and passwords to what ?

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the password is to make sure you read all of the rules!

Hiring form
Cover examples



Character Card

Im sorry I don’t have much because I currently got a new phone and lost all my old edits and images so I just found this three examples

what you do:covers, character cards, overlays, splashes
*style you do (ink, limelight, classic): I prefer limelight and Ink but I can also do classic
do you draw, edit, or both: I edit
number of people you can accept at one time: 4
how long it usually takes you to complete requests: It depends what the person wants but I’d say about a few minutes to and hour
:blush: :butterfly:

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great! could you send over some examples?

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Hey I can’t be in this art shop anymore I’ve started my own :flushed:
Sorry but I don’t have any requests here anywayss
This is an amazing art shop none the less.
Sorry :crazy_face:

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thanks for letting me know!!

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the examples are inside the hiring form

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Hi! May I request a custom pose from @Nat.Alia? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Custom Pose Request

editor: @Nat.Alia
style (classic, ink, limelight): LL
character’s details: Female Generic Body (Copper 05), Arched Natural (Deep Brown), Double Bun Half Down Hair (Deep Brown), Deepset Almond (Hazel Dark), Diamond, Grecian Soft, Full Heart Pouty (Neutral Medium Nude Gloss)
character’s outfit: Side Stripe Strapless Swimsuit Cotton Orange Sunny
character’s pose: Below :arrow_down:
photo of the pose if possible:
Something like this:
She has sparkles similar to this around her but they’re orange. Her hands are down lower like in the second picture. She has a surprised expression like in the second picture but she’s looking down at herself and not to the side.

background (if you have a background ready, if not, give us a description of the background you want): Transparent like a .PNG
theme/colors/mood: Bright, sunny, orange, transformation
extra details: Not that I can think of
when you need it by : Whenever you can :blush:
password: octopus


oh sorry they weren’t showing up at first but they are now aha

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