Lunar Institute/RP/Signups&Chat thread


Lunar Institute

Based on the series Lunar Choronicles

Hello! And welcome to the Lunar Institute. Here at Lunar Institute we teach both Lunars and Humans as a sign of peace between Luna and Earth.

We are very glad to start to actually make peace between the lunars and humans without war. Here in the lunar institute we teach both lunars and humans together with academics but we also teach lunars how to use their powers wisely and for humans how to fight and how to protect themselves. We accept Cyborgs as well


Lunars who are who are not gifted with powers. Can defend- by not being able to be brainwashed.

Gifted Lunars

Lunars that have been given the power of the Lunars. Can brainwash anything except the Shells. Can be brainwashed too. Has to train in order to use the powers. the powers are called glamour


No powers, just human.


Can be any kind, Lunar, human. Two kinds of cyborgs; 1. Part cyborg - have partly robotic part; 2. Full cyborg - fully cyborg (for the people who did read the lunar choronicles, like cinder I think) Cyborgs can download data and do stuff like a computer but they do have the human’s feelings. (Cyborgs are often people that got injured before and did a surgery that transformed them to a cyborg in order to survive) Can not cry.

Special Humans

Were created by the lunars decades before, when the lunars and earthens were fighting. Are enhanced humans with fangs and better reflexes if controlled by a lunar, can be changed. But now only a little populations are left.

The Plot

After the letumosis antidote was shared and saved millions, a new lethal illness was discovered recently in Northen europe. Doctors calls it Mors Lili but most people just call it the second Letumosis.
At the same time a new race has resquested and ally between Earth and the Sun. A new threat to Earth and this time, Luna.
Earth and Luna has to figure out how to prevent millions

Gifted Solars

Gifted solars have the ability to control mass, in other words able to do telekinesis.


Pearls are just a fancy name for ungifted Lunars. But they are heat resistent.

Will they be able to solve the problems against the powerful ones?


  • If you are going to create characters make one girl and boy if you are going to make then one. ex) for three, either two girls and one boy OR two boys and one girl.
  • Try to make an equal amount of Lunars, Humans, and solars. But mostly make them as you want.
  • Try to make a similar ratio between the gifted and ungifted.
    -No perfect characters or Mary Sues! The characters must have weaknesses!
    -avoid having the same names or fcs
    -Be creative!

Signups forms


Forum username:
Character name:
Kind of Lunar(shell or gifted):
Personallity(be descriptive!):
Bio(be descriptive!):
Strong points:
Evil(solar side) or not(earth side):
Extra Info:


Forum username:
Character name:
Human or Cyborg:
Personallity(be descriptive!):
Bio(be descriptive!):
Strong points:
Evil(solar side) or not(earth side):
Extra Info:

for werewolves you can just put ‘werewolf’ in the human or cyborg question


Forum username:
Character name:
Gifted or Pearl:
Personallity(be descriptive!):
Bio(be descriptive!):
Strong points:
Evil(solar side) or not(earth side)does not need to be evil:
Extra Info:

for werewolves you can just put ‘werewolf’ in the human or cyborg question


Signed up:

@coolandlazy @Miss_Moonlight @Coolepisodes @Drama_Queer @Chesirekitten101 @16AngelCat @SilverStar @dqrkskin @mistyhearts @HermanEpisode @Madilnel @Skyzor @YassineCool @fal.renet1398 @Daisy_Flower1

And for the people that want to help, ask me to add you to the pm! (tag me)


OMG thanks for the tag Grand Daughter @Kate_Potter


:slight_smile: he


Reserve for a Solar and a Lunar. I will make one a boy and the other a girl




Reserve for one female Solar and 1 human male


ok thank you! can you specify the type of solar?

oh and can you specify which kind of solar and lunar you are going to make?


Gifted Solar, I’ll be signing up now.


ok thank you!


Forum username: Coolepisodes
Character name: Nova Jinx
Gender: Female
Sexuallity: Pansexual
Gifted or Pearl: Gifted
Personallity(be descriptive!): She’s a very tough cookie, mostly because her parents died from an assassination. Nova always tries to act cool though even though it hurts to think about her parents. BUT, she’s now adopted and she’s living a regular life.

Bio(be descriptive!): When Nova was a few years younger than she is, she had been making dinner for her parents, she heard a scream. Before Nova knew it her parents were killed. Nova had been adopted, and she needed help. She lived with the Hillians, but she still has her old last name.
She doesn’t care what people say about her though. She thinks a human killed her birth parents.

Strong points: She’s good with Katanas, guns, and fighting
Weakness: Her birth parents, and lasers.

Evil(solar side) or not(earth side) does not need to be evil : She’s half evil half good!
Extra Info: Her hair is natural!


by strong points I meant like something specific, not like numbers, but otherwise its perfect! thank you if you change that I can add her to the fcs.


I don’t know what strong points is. :sweat_smile:


so uh like special skills? like speed or she’s really strong, or uh… she’s good with a dagger, or things like that


Okay, I changed it.

I’ll be doing my male human later.




Can I make a gifted Solar and a shell?




Forum username:
Character name: Lyra Willow
Gender: Female
Sexuallity: bisexual
Kind of Lunar(shell or gifted): gifted
Personallity(be descriptive!): She is, kind, though can be closed off to others she doesn’t know, she likes to help others, even if she doesn’t know them, she also has a soft spot for cats.
Bio(be descriptive!): She was raised to love others, but know when to give up on people. She constantly struggles with the factor that she feels the constant need to never give up. She was born in France, but is now at Lunar Institute. She is powerful, but definitely has her weaknesses. She was ruthlessly trained by her parents, but still holds on the her emotions.
Strong points: She is very agile, and speaks fluent French, she also can fight well.
Weakness: Compassion, and putting her trust in the wrong person.
Evil(solar side) or not(earth side): She was raised in the Solar side, but she is not evil. She lives in the earth side now.
Extra Info: She has a tattoo of a rose on her shoulder blade, and she has a Persian cat.


Ok thank you! Accepted


Forum username: C_ssie
Character name: Viola Halitosis
Gender: Male
Sexuallity: bisexual
Gifted or Pearl: Gifted
Personallity(be descriptive!): Viola hates most people, and will often be considered dangerous when he gets mad. He’s sarcastic on a daily basis—and doesn’t help people in need, although, he will d they really do need help.
Bio(be descriptive!): Viola grew up being taught to be good and help others. That didn’t work out. He rebelled against his parents—sometimes getting into physical hand fights. He was born in Russia, although—he moved to Great British when he was 13.
Strong points: Speed, fighting, persuasive, fluent in Russian
Weakness: doesn’t care about others, rebellious, sceptical, guarded
Evil(solar side) or not(earth side) does not need to be evil : Earth side
Extra Info: n/a