Lunar_Rose's Outline Contest!


Hello!! and welcome to my outline contest! You can find all the information you need down below!


I only have a few rules,

  1. Do NOT remove my watermark
  2. You can use the outline other places as long as your credit me
  3. Get creative!
  4. Don’t steal anyone else’s work

  • A follow on instagram from me
  • A spam of likes
  • A review of your story (if you have one)
  • An outline of what ever character you want (Within the episode guidelines)

*A follow on instagram from me
*A spam of likes

*A spam of likes


With hair

Without hair


*Can I do both outlines? Yes, but you can only enter one
*Where should I send them to you? You can either PM me or send it on this thread, up to you
*How will I know mine was accepted? I will respond to you and send you this

*If I decide to join how do I tell you? All you have to do is say join in the chat!!, but you have to tell me before the deadline!

The deadline is August 30th!!
Have Fun!!!


Can we use our o2n outline?


Did you mean own? You can’t use your own outline but you can change the one i made slightly, to the point I can still tell I made it. I hope I answered your question


Yay Rosey you made it! I’ll enter.




My entry :heart:️. Btw, I used the without hair outline :heart:️ I hope you don’t mind :heart:

Lol…loads of hearts,:woman_shrugging:t2::heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:sweat_smile:

Dang wifi!