Luna's Art Review Thread (Constructive Criticism and Tips!)

So I got bored, and it’s kind of lonely in my notifs. BUT ANYWAY.

Heyo! I’m BluMoon aka Luna on the forums and on ig! I’m known through the forums via the Art Sharing threads:

here's my works that i posted up both on ig, tumblr, and ofc the forums:

I’ve been getting some questions about how I draw and color my art pieces and entries, and I just figured, why not just start a review + tips thread publicly so that I seem more approachable…?? idek i just want to help people out on how tf to draw lol

what you need to know about me:

What I’d look for a submission:

1. Original artwork, don’t come in with artwork that is not yours, nor have you any permission to do so without the artist’s consent.
2. Your thoughts, opinions, and any problems that you find in your artwork that you want me to give tips on
3. Questions on how to do specific parts in the piece i.e. skin, make up, clothes, hair, anatomy, hands… so on so forth.
4. I can also do private tips and feedback, just pm me over the forums! Art review group chats are also welcome as well!

sooo with that said, post away guys! i’ll be keeping an eye on this!


Would I be able to pm u for feedback and opinions on animal artwork? I draw dogs/cats & horses…I’m currently working on a request and would appreciate some feedback for so far (:

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Moved to Art Resources since Share Feedback is for story ideas and reviews. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:

yep yep!!

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Thank u, I’ll send u how it looks so far (:

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update: i’m still open for submissions!

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