Lunch table scene

Hey. Is there an easy way to fit five characters at the INT. CAFETERIA TABLE OL - DAY ? I would like to have them in the same screen but its way to packed. I’ve seen others split the scene by cutting back to zone 1 and 2 but was hoping I could find a different method. Anyone know any?

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with spot directing you can put the people anywhere wou want and make them smaller in back atc

here is example of mine scene in club where I have more people:

&HILDA spot 0.362 87 393 in zone 1 AND HILDA faces left AND HILDA is dance_shake_happy_loop AND HILDA moves to layer -3
&DRUE spot 0.911 4 132 in zone 1 AND DRUE faces right AND DRUE is sing_energetic_loop AND DRUE moves to layer -1
&GLEN spot 0.614 262 265 in zone 1 AND GLEN faces left AND GLEN is dance_wavehands_happy_loop AND GLEN moves to layer -5
&FIN spot 0.722 130 253 in zone 1 AND FIN faces right AND FIN is play_airguitar_neutral_loop AND FIN moves to layer -2
&SEXY spot 0.317 43 408 in zone 1 AND SEXY faces right AND SEXY is dance_groove_happy_loop AND SEXY moves to layer -6
&BRUCE spot 0.443 224 360 in zone 1 AND BRUCE faces left AND BRUCE is play_airguitar_neutral_loop AND BRUCE moves to layer -6
&AMANDA spot 0.911 288 119 in zone 1 AND AMANDA faces left AND AMANDA is dance_club_happy_loop AND AMANDA moves to layer -1

Yeah I have them downsized to 1.250 but its still a little cluttered. Having them any smaller wouldn’t look too great, they’d be too small.

if you cant put them on background and need them infront and siting behind the table than 5 in one scene will not be ever looking good I guess…I have maximaly 3 people siting in front of table in one zone…but with pan from zone to zone you can show to the reader who is there and by the dialogue you mostly do not need to see all people so with pans and zooms reader will get that there are 5 people at the table and the scene will look even more dinamic than just have the dialogue on one zone all the time.:slight_smile:

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Good idea, thanks.

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