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/~/ Prologue /~/
After your last wild journey, you and your party of adventurers travel to Lurelin Village, a peaceful beachside village mostly unheard of throughout the kingdom. While the sun sets over the mesmerizing ocean, your party arrives at the lively village and explores.
As day fades into night, the atmosphere changes: children are rushed indoors and windows are boarded up. Suddenly, you hear several shouts and cries as a group of men and women pull a small boat onto shore - in it lies a local girl, drenched in salt water and blood, a broken harpoon in her cold hands. A couple rushes to her side crying, and while the rest of their words are a mess, your party can make out one word: “Sirens.”
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/~/ Gameplay Rules /~/
~ Understand that sometimes you just get a bad dice roll and your character may fumble. To avoid this, you all have an advantage when using your primary (1st listed) weapon.
~ There is no godmodding! Don’t respond to a DM about a fight with “I shoot the farthest monster while casting a spell on another and punching the nearest monster”.
~ If you don’t like the weapons I’ve given you, DM me within the first 2 chapters. Your character will likely not find good weapons their class can use after that.
~ Spellcasting classes need to rest after casting either Forcefield or Mirror before they can use that spell again.
~ If your character loses hit points in a battle, don’t worry, Nulara will heal your characters while resting before you continue.
~ Your armor class determines how likely monsters are to hit or miss you. For example, if your armor class is 15 (shown as A15 on faceclaims), a monster will have to roll above 15 with a normal weapon to be able to hit you (spells are different though).
~ Similarly, monsters’ armor classes determine how likely you are to hit them. Wandering monsters will have low armor classes that will increase as the game progresses.
~ As a general rule (those who’ve played D&D probably already know this) don’t always trust people outside of your party. There are many friendly people in the village but once you travel to the cave, the majority of people you encounter will be evil.
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Clip, clop, clop, clip, clop, clop - seven horses trot to a halt as the dirt path fades into pure, sparkling sand. A smile forms on each rider’s face (some smiles more visible than others) as the ocean breeze drifts in their direction, the familiar salty scent reassuring them.

“Finally!” Venus exclaims the word she knows is on everyone’s minds, shedding her cloak in the tropical heat.

A girl with black curly hair and caramel skin glances up at the group from the beach, and a smile dances across her full lips. She slips into a pair of handmade sandals, dusts sand off her threadbare pants, and jogs up to the party.

“You guys aren’t our typical vacationers, yeah?” She jokes, her eyes wandering down from faces to weaponry. “Here for the… um?”

Sanson pulls a rope out of his pack and begins tying the horses to a nearby palm tree. He glances at the girl skeptically. “Here for the what?”

“O-oh.” The girl stammers, tucking a loose curl behind her ear. “Nevermind.”

She then scans the party cautiously. “Perhaps I could show you around Lurelin? A quick tour?”

“Please.” Medsashi smiles, slinging his pack over his shoulder. The girl nods in response.

The group follows the girl, who introduces herself as Nulara Sepret, daughter of the village leader. She shows the group some of the more prominent features of the village; the inn, the tavern, the general store, and the town center. The rest of the huts are residential, Nulara explains.

Kainda, however, strays from the group, and notices a large, abandoned hut. Unlike the other huts, this one lacks the boarded-up windows and fortified doors: it seems that whatever (or whoever) those boards aimed to keep out of the other huts got into this one.

“Hey, what’s this?” Kainda asks, crossing her arms and nodding her head towards the decayed hut. While the others turn around in surprise and begin to notice it too, Nulara looks frightened.

Intrigued, Aelar hurries across the sand to where Kainda stands and squints into the dark interior of the restaurant, though it looks dimly lit to him. Tables and chairs are strewn across deteriorated wooden floors, dirtied plates shattered beneath them.

“It’s a restaurant,” he replies, stepping forward to get a closer look at a questionable brown stain, with a familiar red tinge, spattered across the back wall almost as if someone was stabbed. “Is that-”

“Blood, yes.” Nulara sighs, defeated, then continues: “Have you ever heard the legends about Lurelin? Any of you?”

Kainda and Aelar return the the group, hoping to learn more about the corroded building.

“Yeah, I know them.” Venus offers, pausing to recall the lore she had studied while training to become a ranger. “According to the legends, sirens visit Lurelin every night. It’s said that at night, the water becomes curiously still, luring many out to the water, and that’s when they hear the siren song. They drown.”

“Why didn’t you mention this before?” Lexi questions Venus, studying her skeptically.

“It’s regarded as a bedtime story, one used to keep children from going in the ocean at night,” Nulara quickly comes to Venus’s defense.

“…It’s not a bedtime story anymore, is it?” Ash asks, beginning to piece the story together.

“You’re right.” Nulara answers, taking a deep breath and glancing around before beginning: “It started only months ago. That story kept most inside and away from the ocean at night, but Arizima refused. She… she wanted to defy everyone, and our stupid tales, so she swam… and disappeared for an entire day.”

Nulara steadies herself before continuing, her eyes clouded with worry and hands visibly shaking. “After that she was happier. She said we shouldn’t worry about sirens. Then she was gone for longer, a week, almost - and then- then I found her body mutilated in the restaurant she had worked so hard to build.”

A delicate silence looms over the group, but Sanson is the first to break it.

“I’m… I’m sorry you had to see that.” Sanson says, voice wavering with sadness and empathy for her. Others in the group nod in agreement.

“And that’s not the worst part. The sirens have been coming every night,” Nulara murmurs. “My sister, Nephis, left three days ago, she heard of a cave the sirens return to during the day.”

Before anyone can respond, Nulara concludes the tour and leaves to the beach.

“I think we should go to that cave.” Kainda announces. “We can ask around and find out who told Nephis about the cave. Learn where it is.”

“And the restaurant?” Lexi asks, eager to explore. “We need to look at that.”

“What about the town center?” Ash adds, eyeing the strange murals painted on the sides. “Shouldn’t we meet the leader of the village and learn more before getting into this mess?”

“New plan: we split up and check out each of the main buildings. We can ask residents about the cave. And of course lurk around the creepy restaurant, if that’s what you want to do.” Medsashi says with a grin. “But we’re meeting back at the inn before 8. If we stay out after nightfall, who knows what will happen.”

/~/ Choices /~/
Where will your character explore?
~ The tavern: bustling with fishermen and travelers alike, the tavern is the ideal place to gather information about Lurelin or the cave, and maybe learn more about the legends. Additionally, a group of gypsies have located themselves in the corner, and are more than eager to read your fortune. What better location to start off an adventure than the tavern, like tradition?
~ The town center: this is probably a job for your more presentable adventurers. The leader of the village lives here, and is likely the most knowledgeable about the area. A strange mural is painted on the walls, one you must get closer to understand, with depictions of peace then violence.
~ The restaurant: abandoned and bloodstained, the restaurant is the least desirable destination… but somebody’s got to examine it. This is where Arizima’s mutilated body was found, according to Nulara. Apparently no villager has been brave enough to clean up the dried pool of blood. There is likely information pertaining to Arizima’s death, and of course, sirens.
/~/ Choose /~/
Vote where you want your character to go below, but be aware of other people’s votes. If 4+ people want their characters to go to the same place, I will randomly move some over (should be 2-2-3). You have until next Monday (August 13) to vote on the poll.

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  • The Town Center
  • The Restaurant

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This chapter was kind of bland with little dialogue because it was a group setting, in the next one your characters will be in pairs or groups of three so there’ll be more dialogue/personality (I hope).

ALSO: I edited the faceclaims so your weapons are listed next to your profile. Check your weapons and DM me if you want them replaced!

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Lurelin /~/ SG /~/ Discussion
Lurelin /~/ SG /~/ Discussion
Lurelin /~/ SG /~/ Discussion

/~/ A Note /~/

You do not need to read each part of this chapter, but reading the diary, the fortunes, and the history of the town will help!

/~/ The Restaurant /~/

With ease, Lexi lights the tip of a branch on fire, then hands the makeshift torch to Venus. They all take a deep breath before entering the restaurant.

The flickering light reveals a more frightening scene than Aelar could describe before. Blood. Everywhere. Plates shattered by bloodied hands. Broken chairs adorned with pearls of blood like a twisted necklace. Nobody can imagine what created such a massive splatter. Everybody can agree the horrific site reeks of death itself.

Lexi is the first to step through the doorway, preparing to whip out her lance, followed by Venus, gripping the torch tightly, then Aelar, scanning the interior for anything more out of the ordinary than what is now ordinary. They make their way to the back wall across sharp fragments of glass and warped wood in a cruel game of hopscotch.

“It… it looks fairly recent,” Aelar remarks as the three circle around the dried pool of blood where the corpse was found. Venus wrinkles her nose in reaction to the stench.

“She’s not lying, then, about the death.” Lexi mutters, her grip tightening on the lance.

Suddenly, a cold gust of wind thieves the trio of their light, knocking Venus’s torch to the ground and extinguishing it! The tropical humidity that was so relaxing becomes only a memory, and a haunting melody sung by a melancholic voice begins:

Oh, wrap me in my kingdom’s flag,
And lay me in the cold blue sea.
Let the roaring of the waves
My solemn requiem be.
And I shall sleep a pleasant sleep,
While storms above their vigils keep.

“It’s a ghost.” Aelar murmurs, glancing around wildly, waiting for them to reveal themself.

“You know the lore, what are they singing?” Lexi whispers to Venus.

“I- I don’t know. It’s a shanty, that’s for sure.”

With an sudden thud, an invisible force hurls a small, withered book in front of the group! The chill disappears, and broken lanterns lining the walls are lit up.

“The ghost, it’s gone.” Lexi says slowly.

After Aelar feels no magical presence in the book, Venus scoops it up. Besides the book, it looks like there are no other objects of interest in the room, so the three leave the building quickly.

Sitting down on the rickety wooden staircase, Venus begins flipping through the water worn book. It seems to be a diary.

“How do I know where to look?” She asks nervously.

“Go to the most recent passage,” Aelar suggests.

/~/ The Diary /~/

The Last Passage

“Ok, this is the last one they wrote,” Venus says, before reading:

"I thought after I ended things, after I told L my love for N is true, she would stop. But after she visited me last night, L disguised herself and stopped N on the beach and demanded answers to questions about me. I’m so scared, it seems like L’s warriors are preparing for battle… something she promised me they wouldn’t do again. Hopefully if N and I just keep our heads down, she’ll leave us alone. As long as L never finds out N and I are engaged.

~ Arizima"

“Warriors?” Lexi exclaims. “And what battle?”

The Previous Passage

“Here, I’ll read the entry before it,” Venus says quickly. “Maybe that’ll explain the last one?”

N looks so beautiful tonight. I closed the restaurant and cooked us dinner. As the sun set, we climbed onto the small porch overlooking the ocean. All of the oranges and pinks reflected into the still water like a painting, and when I looked back at N she was down on her knee! I’m so happy I can barely manage to write this without giggling with joy. The ring is simple, it’s silver with a small pearl, but N travelled so far to find a blacksmith she could afford, it means so much to me. But as I watch N sleeping soundly, I remember N with guilt, and how she was when I left her… even though we’ve grown apart I have go to her and tell her I can’t be with her.

~ Arizima

“N could be Nulara.” Aelar thinks aloud, tracing patterns in the sand around his boots with his staff.

“And N could also be her sister, Nephis.” Lexi counters.

Before either could argue, they notice the sun disappearing behind the ocean. With haste, the trio jumps to their feet and hurries to the inn.

/~/ The Tavern /~/

“All we have to do is gather information, then leave,” Kainda murmurs, eyes focused on the well-lit tavern in front of her.

“…And a couple of drinks won’t hurt, right?” Medsashi asks playfully.

A silence answers his question.

“Ok, ok, I get it, strictly business,” Medashi says, tone matching Kainda’s

As they grow closer, they hear rowdy voices and drunken songs, along with off-key lute music. Kainda attempts to step through the doorway but Medsashi tugs her aside. Instinctually, Kainda tears his hands off of her and crosses her arms.

“Wait, wait, wait-” Medsashi quickly explains “-are you forgetting your gigantic crossbow? You think those fishermen will welcome in a crazy ranger girl with a 20 pound crossbow?”

“…Good point,” Kainda replies, removing the crossbow from her back. “But you have to remove your scimitar.”

“Well, it’s pretty small, I don’t think-”

Kainda’s cold stare cuts him off, and he quickly removes the weapon, nestling it in the bush next to her crossbow.

“I love the whole super-scary-silent thing you’ve got going on, but maybe you shouldn’t… do that,” Medsashi whispers as they enter the tavern, greeted with a cacophony of music and talking.

She rolls her eyes in reply and forces a fake smile. Medsashi’s eyes widen in surprise.

“Don’t say anything,” Kainda whispers through her teeth. It takes a lot of effort for Medsashi not to laugh.

The two seat themselves somewhat distanced from the large crowd of fishermen, but before they can settle in, a group of three gypsies beckon them over. Intrigued, Medsashi stands up and notices a deck of tarot cards laid out on the table in front of the gypsies.

The gypsy sitting in the middle, dressed in red, smiles at him and whispers something into the gypsy in blue on the left’s ear, her jewelry jingling as she leans over.

The third gypsy in green stands up and walks over to Medsashi and Kainda, who watches intently from a bar stool.

“Hmm, what are you two doing here?” She asks slowly, fingering a small crystal attached to one of many necklaces draped across her chest.

“We could ask the same of you; you’re not exactly a normal bar patron either,” Kainda replies, standing from her stool.

“No need to worry, Kainda.” The gypsy drawls coolly, “We know who you are, although we didn’t expect you to arrive at this time.”

The gypsy touches Kainda’s shoulder to lead her to the table, and Kainda stiffens in response, but obliges in shock.

“Don’t think we forgot about you, Medsashi,” the gypsy in red calls. “There are five seats at this table, after all.”

Though usually Medsashi would have a witty retort ready, their knowledge of him and Kainda makes him speechless.

“Ask a question, both of you, before we proceed,” The red gypsy murmurs.

/~/ The Fortunes /~/

Medsashi's Reading

“Ok, um, what am I like in the future?” Medsashi asks.

The gypsy in red stretches out a slender hand embellished with colorful crystal rings and shimmering metal bracelets to push the deck over to Medashi. “Cut the deck.”

He does as told, and she takes four cards from the deck then spreads them onto the wooden table in the shape of a diamond. She flips the cards over in one fluid motion, her jewelry clinking together:

The Hanged Man, The Devil, The Tower, The Judgement

“The Hanged Man,” she announces, gesturing grandly, “you will always be ready to make sacrifice. Like the Devil, you shall want something in return for these sacrifices. The Tower means disaster, which can only be expected. What is a sacrifice with reward? And finally, the Judgement: when disaster strikes, you must do what the situation calls for, even becoming a martyr, something you fear.”

Before Medsashi can react, the gypsy in blue sweeps the four cards into the deck and shuffles them smoothly.

Kainda's Reading

“Your turn, Kainda,” the red gypsy smiles, revealing crooked teeth behind pink lips.


“Ask any question.”

“Fine, what am I like in the future?”

Reluctantly, Kainda removes the top half of the cards, and the gypsy begins laying out her diamond of cards then flipping them over as she did for Medsashi.

The Hermit, The High Priestess, The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune

“The Hermit,” she begins, eyes wide with excitement, “quite self-explanatory; you will avoid interfering in the lives of others, perhaps to protect yourself, though it may become a fault. Similar to the High Priestess, you see what others do not, and because of your nature, those who should take your advice may refuse to. Your approach is unconventional, like the Magician, but do not rely on this as routine. Lastly, the Wheel of Fortune, meaning you may risk too much in the future, know that it may not be worth it.”

The blue gypsy glances outside, then signs something to the others. They stand up and gather the cards, and the one in green explains they are retiring to the inn as the sun begins disappearing behind the horizon.

Several drunken patrons begin singing as they leave in a mess of shouts as the bard chimes in with his lute:

Oh leave her, Johnny, leave her! Oh leave her, Johnny, leave her!

As a barmaid comes over to clean Medsashi and Kainda’s table, they stop and begin crooning another song:

Oh, wrap me in my kingdom’s flag,
And lay me in the cold blue sea-

They burst into laughter as one tumbles off the stairs and stumble back to their homes.

“I swear if I hear that song one more time-” the barmaid grumbles, picking sticky beer mugs off the floor.

“What song?” Medsashi asks, lifting his pack from the floor.

A Dying Sailor to his Shipmates.” She replies tiredly. “We sing it at the funerals of sailors an’ their families. Some sorta drunken tradition, I guess, singin’ the sad songs as they leave the tavern. S’posed to be a sad song, they come in and ruin it for us ev’ry time.”

After gathering their weapons stashed in the nearby bush, Medsashi and Kainda quickly make their way back to the inn.

/~/ The Town Center /~/

“This way,” Nulara says, gesturing Sanson and Ash through the town center’s lavishly decorated doorway. She excuses herself for a minute, then returns to lead the two of them into a large room. In the middle of the grand room is an equally grand table, at the end of which sits the town leader, a tall man with curly black hair tied back. Sanson and Ash seat themselves at the table.

“Welcome, Nulara seems to think you could help us with our… problem,” the man says, voice loud and booming. “Is this true?”

“Well, we’re not quite sure what the problem is… exactly.” Sanson replies.

“Before I explain, let me introduce myself. I am Ehput-Ki Sepret, leader of Lurelin. I assume you’ve noticed the murals on the side of this building?”

Sanson and Ash nod.

“Good. Nulara, please stay inside.”

“But dad, I can help-” Nulara interjects.

“I am not losing you too, you will stay inside until the sun rises, understood?!” He thunders, almost making Sanson and Ash jump.

With a defeated sigh, Nulara exits through a doorway on the left to her room.

/~/ The History of Lurelin /~/

As told by a Ehput-Ki and a mural:

Ehput-Ki begins showing the two around the town center before they arrive in front of the murals, where he gestures to the timeline and begins:

“In our early days, Lurelin was still the same fishing village it is today, but fishermen disappeared nightly, making it difficult for us to catch certain fish. At first we dismissed it but then…”

He points to the next painting: a man left dead in eerily still water.

“The sirens came to us. It was then that my ancestors created the curfew for all villagers, for our own safety.”

The subsequent picture depicts what is undoubtedly a siren, surrounded by skulls and gold.

“Recently the curfew was dismissed and ignored by a young woman who believed it a simple bedtime story to keep children inside, but ever since, the sirens have been coming back at night, stealing whatever is left outside, except, of course, the boats.”

“I’m sure Nulara has already discussed the situation with Nephis?”

Ash nods, “Your daughter, right?”

“Correct,” Ehput-Ki answers, voice faltering for just a second. “And Nulara’s sister. She’s gone missing, apparently she left to find some cave rumored to be home to the sirens.”

He turns to face them, pain in his voice. “I know this is asking a lot of you, but I cannot afford to lose any more of my warriors, we need them in case the sirens attack once again. All I can offer is a portion of my town’s gold but it’s not much, considering we are not very wealthy.”

Before Sanson can say yes, Ash interrupts: “We’ll have to discuss this with the other members of our group before making a decision.”

Ehput-Ki nods. “I hope you decide to help us,” he says solemnly, “and please head to the inn, you must stay safe,” he adds before retiring inside.

As Sanson and Ash turn to leave, Nulara rushes in front of them.

“Wait! Before you leave-“ Nulara begins sheepishly “- I should tell you, about Arizima. She… we…”

“It’s ok, take your time,” Sanson reassures her. Nulara nods and takes a deep breath-

“We were engaged. I proposed a few days before she died, if that helps you at all. But- nobody knows except Nephis! You- you can’t tell anyone, I’m not exactly… out yet. My father thought we were friends, if he knew… he wouldn’t speak to me, ever again.”

“That does help,” Ash says, glancing at Sanson, “And if it means anything, we’ve been in similar situations, if you uh, know what I mean.”

With a weak smile, Nulara nods. “Here, uh, I’ll show you to the inn.”

/~/ Character Relationship Form /~/

Wow, that was a long chapter. Now, please fill out this form on relationships with other characters. You have one week, or until Tuesday, August 21, to complete the form.

You are encouraged to coordinate relationships with the other characters (that way, romances and friendships will go a lot smoother haha). Also, I want to say thank you for reading and participating! And one more thing: if you feel like I’ve portrayed your character incorrectly or want different weapons than the ones I’ve given you, please let me know right away!


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/~/ At the Inn /~/

Darkness enshrouds the room, the only light source being the firepit, surrounded by seven woven bed mats, a pack dropped next to each.

The walls are adorned with tapestries woven from palm fronds that gently sway as wind whistles between boards on the windows. Two bed mats belonging to Medsashi and Kainda lie empty.

A small knock sounded on their room’s door, and while the group looks up hopefully, it creaks open to reveal Thola, the frail owner of the inn, clad in a colorfully patterned threadbare robe and a contrastingly elegant pearl necklace.

“Good evening,” she smiles warmly, a basket tucked under one arm and a wooden board under the other. “At the moment it is 8:00, and at this time we offer free locally caught fish for supper.”

Slowly, she lifts the lid off her basket to reveal to the room several fresh fish placed inside neatly. Then, she sets the basket on the floor and lays enough fish to feed all seven of them onto the board, attempting to conceal the pain in her legs from kneeling.

“It’s alright,” Sanson quickly assures her, standing to help her.

Aelar beats him to it, gently pulling the fragile woman to her feet, then handing her the now empty basket, as Sanson watches happily. She smiles gratefully as she walks into the doorway:

“Thank you. You can cook these over the fire. If you would like anything, I live at the end of the hall.”

Squinting, Thola notices the two empty bed mats. “Where are the other two of you? I will lock the main door in 10 minutes, so I hope they make it in time.”

Before anyone can respond, Thola leaves to retire to bed, closing the door behind her with a soft creak.

Several minutes pass, and they begin to cook the fish, roasting them until crisp on the outside and tender on the inside over the fire. Suddenly, disrupting the calmness of the fire, Medsashi and Kainda burst through the door, just as raindrops begin to patter the roof. Nobody says anything but as the two enter, everyone seems to exhale sighs of relief. Medsashi and Kainda sit down alongside their companions, a tired silence wrapping around them like a worn blanket warming them from the cold rain outside.

After finishing her portion of fish, Venus sets aside her tray, eager to discuss the occurrences of the day with the rest of the group. With shadows creeping across her face, Venus recounts the spirit they encountered earlier like a ghost story:

“And all of a sudden, the ghost flung this across the room!”

Digging through her bag, she pulls out the diary and holds it triumphantly above her head. In the dim firelight, they pass around the book and skim the last few entries.

“N? Who’s that?” Medsashi wonders aloud as he turns the pages quickly. Aelar and Sanson share a glance, unsure of whether they should reveal their information, but Sanson shakes his head, not wanting to betray Nulara unless absolutely necessary.

“What did you learn at the tavern?” Sanson asks Medsashi, who turns to watch him suspiciously because of the sudden change in subject. Eventually he takes the bait.

“Well, first of all, we got our fortunes told-“ he begins, as the group listens eagerly “-they weren’t exactly fortunes, but it was a bunch of gypsies, so, you know. And there were all these fishermen, and-”

He jumps up to playfully reenact the drunken fishermen staggering out of the bar, and the incoherent song they shouted.

“Wait!” Kainda interrupts, all heads turning to her in surprise. “That song you heard, the one the ghost sang, that was-“

“-the same as the song those men sang!” Lexi finishes quickly, piecing the story together. “So why would the ghost sing a drinking song?”

“We asked the barmaid,” Kainda replies, glancing at Medsashi. “She said it’s a song sung at funerals, and those men were joking around.”

“Interesting…” Ash mulls this over, twisting dagger in the firelight to create warped shadows.

Several moments later, Venus attempts to stifle a yawn. “Should we sleep in shifts?” She asks, stretching her legs to stay awake.

“That sounds like a good idea,” Aelar nods, glancing across the room to Sanson. “I can take the first shift.”

“I can join, if you-“ Sanson starts.

“Yeah, I-” Aelar agrees quickly.



With Aelar staring down at the weathered wooden floor and Sanson at the palm frond tapestries, they share a nervous laugh.

“I will take the second shift,” Kainda interrupts, shifting her weight uncomfortably. After a few seconds of silence, Medsashi adds:

“I’ll do the second one too,” He says, winking at Kainda, who wrinkles her nose and focuses on sorting her weaponry.

“I guess that leaves the three of us,” Lexi smirks, while Venus smiles at her and Ash.

The five of them drift into the welcoming warmth of sleep, leaving Aelar and Sanson awake.

Most of the night is uneventful. Sanson and Aelar discover they might be more similar than they thought before. Aelar enjoys sharing memories of his family, and Sanson loves listening to Aelar’s stories. Medsashi jokes around with Kainda in an unsuccessful attempt to see her smile again, but the two still become closer friends.

As Medsashi happily describes his love for the fiddle, several shouts echo from the beach, and the once tranquil ocean begins crashing against the shore like thunder.

Quickly, the two leap to their feet, weapons gripped tightly in cold hands. Peering through a crack in the window, Kainda can make out several figures in the harsh torchlight, and what appears to be the village leader she saw walking before. They wake up the others, and bring Venus, Ash, and Lexi along with them.

The five rush to the beach, leaving Sanson and Aelar to guard the room.

“Pull, pull, pull!” Ehput-Ki booms, sprinting over to the small boat as villagers yank it out of the sandbar and onto shore.

Suddenly, everything is silent: Ehput-Ki’s thundering voice softens to a whisper, and his wife sobs quietly. The ocean’s once crashing waves become soft, lapping ripples.

As the villagers clear out, Nulara sprints out to the boat, tears streaming down her dismayed face. She rests her hand on her sister’s throat to check the pulse, and nods to her father, but soon realizes Nephis is not breathing.

“She’s not breathing! I can’t- I don’t- she was drowning!” Nulara cries desperately, “Help! Please, can anyone-“

A villager from the crowd pushes past Nulara and presses his lips to Nephis’s, then pulls himself away and does several chest compressions, and repeats the cycle.

A girl runs to Nulara, tucking brown curls out of her face and speaking in a soothing voice. Nulara nods, taking deep, shaky breaths as instructed.

Soon, Nephis coughs up water, and is carried off to her room, with Nulara and Ehput-Ki following urgently. The girl who helped Nulara glances at the five adventurers, then hurries to the town center.

/~/ The Next Morning /~/

After gathering their packs, the group leaves the inn for the Town Center, but as they walk outside… something is off. A chill binds tightly around each of them, and an iciness in the air scratches against their skin. There is an unnatural strangeness about the ocean today: the water is eerily still, like a mirror; a cold, thick mist enshrouds black, jagged rocks; and when unsupervised children test the temperature an unwelcoming chill forces them back to their mothers. Despite all of this, each person feels compelled to test the ocean themselves.

Quickly, Nulara and the girl from the night before interrupt the ocean’s sudden seduction before any of them can set foot on the shore, and beckon them inside the hut, leading them to a small bedroom. In the drab bed lies Nephis, who appears pale and ill and coughs in greeting. Her arm is bandaged and appears to have healed remarkably fast.

Even while sick, Nephis maintains a bold and powerful beauty, with wild black tangled curls and fiercely black eyelashes.

“How are you doing?” Sanson asks, offering a caring smile. Nephis shivers and returns a weak smile with pale lips and watery eyes.

“She’s certainly doing better, I was able to partially heal her wound,” Nulara states factually.

“This sickness has affected her like nothing I’ve seen before,” the girl next to her says, then adds, “I’m Presbella, I’ve been staying here for some time and helping this village.”

Their conversation is interrupted by a small grunt, and heads turn to see Nephis, charcoal in shaky hand, sketching out unexpected shapes onto a torn piece of paper. Before anyone can see what she attempted to draw, Ehput-Ki ushers the group and Presbella out of the room and into the main room Sanson and Aelar saw previously.

“I am sure this is asking a lot from you, however, we are desperate now,” he says, his voice unusually quiet, “you saw what happened to my daughter, and you may have heard what they did to… Arizima. I can tell you are all experienced, with all your weaponry, armor, and skill, all of which my people lack. I could offer you a portion of our savings, a few thousand gold pieces, if you were to help us. I would understand if you were unwilling to take on this burden but… we cannot lose anymore people. Please help us.”

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