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/~/ Prologue /~/

After your last wild journey, you and your party of adventurers travel to Lurelin Village, a peaceful beachside village mostly unheard of throughout the kingdom. While the sun sets over the mesmerizing ocean, your party arrives at the lively village and explores.
As day fades into night, the atmosphere changes: children are rushed indoors and windows are boarded up. Suddenly, you hear several shouts and cries as a group of men and women pull a small boat onto shore - in it lies a local girl, drenched in salt water and blood, a broken harpoon in her cold hands. A couple rushes to her side crying, and while the rest of their words are a mess, your party can make out one word: “Sirens.”

/~/ An Overview /~/

This will be a SG. So, you will not have to be as active as you do a RP, and you will only need to check every few days and respond to my DMs! However, you will need to be very detailed when describing your character’s personality, so I can portray them correctly.

/~/ Sign-Up Rules /~/

~ There are 8 character slots (so not all classes/races will be filled)
~ When reserving, you must reserve for a race and a class.
~ You can create a maximum of 2 characters, but they must be different genders.
~ There can only be 2 characters of the same race and 2 of the same class.
~ Do not sign up if you haven’t reserved.

/~/ Races and Classes /~/

You can view my complete guide in the other links section. Once you’ve picked a class and race, please read their full cards in the guide so you can choose 2 special skills/spells!

List of Races

~ Dragonborn
~ Elf
~ Halfling
~ Human
~ Tiefling

List of Classes

~ Druid
~ Fighter
~ Ranger
~ Rogue
~ Sorcerer

/~/ Reserves and Tags /~/

Slots Available: 0

~ High Elf Sorcerer - @mage158
~ Halfling Fighter - @CrazyCaliope
~ Human Fighter - @Mimi0829
~ Dragonborn Rogue - @Etherwalker
~ Human Ranger - @hey.twilla
~ Halfling Druid - @hey.twilla
~ Tiefling Rogue - @Tellyg47
~ Tiefling Ranger - @mage158


@mage158 @CrazyCaliope @epi.alyssaa @Etherwalker @Tellyg47 @Clarkiiie @Ella @Kittenlove @L375 @oorgeloop @hey.twilla

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Lurelin /~/ Official SG

Reserve for High Elf sorcerer


reserve for Elf sorcerer


Reserve for a male halfling fighter, please.


Reserve for Female Human Fighter


Also, can I please reserve for a Tiefling Druid? :blush: (I don’t mind making this one male if you need more)

When is the start date?


Of course! And you can make them whatever gender you want.
And I’m thinking of starting within the next 2 weeks.


Oh, but you said different genders here :face_with_raised_eyebrow::no_mouth:


Oh haha sorry! I meant like female or non-binary.


Oh cool. Cheers. :wink: Guys they are then. Will work on them this week.


@brinn can I reserve for a Dragonborn Ranger and Tiefling Rogue please?


Yup, just added you to the list!


Reserve for something, I’ll figure it out in a sec, I just want to be part of this.


Aw man I’m so late ugh us there a human to reserve?


Unfortunately no, there aren’t any spots left. I’ll let you know if anyone drops out though.


Okay c’:


@brinn I can drop one of my characters so that @hey.twilla can reserve. I know I want their race to be Dragonborn but I need to ask some questions about the abilities for classes: Sorry if they are dumb. :sweat_smile:



  • Set Trap: What determines whether or not an enemy triggers the trap and what enemy triggers it?
  • Investigation: In what kind of circumstances would a skill like this be useful?
  • Natural Lore: In what kind of circumstances would a skill like this be useful?


  • Persuasion and Deception: In what kind of circumstances would a skill like this be useful?
  • Sleight of Hand: In what kind of circumstances would a skill like this be useful?


can i reserve for the Halfling Rouge?


I’ve decided on halfling Druid, @brinn


That’s so nice of you, only as long as you want to!

I would love to answer your questions!!
  • Any enemy (not ghosts though) who tries to enter the area you are in. If you just put a trap in the middle of the floor in a huge hallway, a monster likely won’t trigger it, unless they are not smart (but most of the monsters here are smart, so don’t do that). One example is, my character and his party were staying in an inn, and while we were sleeping in a room in shifts, I trapped the door. A ghost came in the room and it did not get hurt by the trap (they can only be harmed by magic weapons).
  • For investigation, your character will be able to spot hidden objects or passages in a room, figure out what kind of weapons inflicted a wound (like a specific monster, maybe?), stuff like that. One example I saw was the ranger was in a tumble about to collapse and they were able to find the week point and save the party.
  • For natural lore, your character may be able to recover specific legends passed down, like the locations of certain things (treasure, monsters) or the weaknesses of some monsters.
  • While some characters may attempt a lie and fail, a character with this skill will definitely succeed (within realistic boundaries, don’t tell someone they are a giant mushroom). This is helpful if you come across someone suspicious, and you aren’t sure whether they will help you or attack you. Plus, if they start to get aggressive, this character could persuade them to act otherwise.
  • Stealing, of course! 1: your character begins with a limited amount of money, and a lot of things to buy… 2: stealing from skeptical enemies who aren’t full on fighting you.