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That’s good because sometimes, I have a lot of them. :sweat_smile:

  • Can you choose multiple characters for your character to romance with? Not necessarily because the character practices polyamory but because those are the people you think they would be able to have a romance with.
    • If the answer to this question is yes and the character in question practices monogamy, what happens if more than one possible love interest also wants a romance with your character? Is it a love triangle?
  • In the DM for romances and friendships, would you also like to know who a character would hate or be wary of?

  • Yes, you’ll choose any people you think your character could be attracted to/want to pursue a relationship with, if any. And love triangles are possible. If everyone chooses love interests for their characters then there will inevitably be 1 love triangle (at least).
  • Yeah, I’ll include that too (I forgot about that!). I’ll cover more of it in the next chapter though so you’ll have a better idea of what to submit then!


@brinn Thank you for answering. :grin: I can’t wait to see the love triangles if there are any. I really can’t wait to see the lore and characters too.

I have no idea who Medsashi would romance with. :joy: I don’t know very much about specific character traits that I know he’d want in a person. Does anyone else think their character would work well with mine?


@brinn Do our special skills/spells have cooldowns/limited usage?


Only certain spells need cooldowns (I’ll edit the main post, forgot to specify which spells). Both Forcefield and Mirror require resting before casting again. So if your character casts either one of those in a battle, they couldn’t use it again in that chapter (you will rest after every battle in the chapter).


/~/ Chapter 1 Reminder /~/
Please remember to vote on the chapter 1 poll! You have until next Monday (August 13). If you miss this poll, I will put you in the remaining slot(s) randomly. If you miss two chapters in a row you will be removed unless you let me know you will be absent in advance. I added this to the rules and there’s more detail there.

Anyways, tagging those who haven't voted for their characters yet.

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I changed my vote again haha if that’s okay


That’s ok, I haven’t started writing it for that reason!


I’m going to try to post the second chapter tonight! Be warned, I had a lot of time on my hands so it’s super long.

Also, you will have to rate your character’s feelings about other characters (friendship, romance, hatred) in a google form on scales of 1-10, so you might want to start coordinating those relationships.

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@brinn the new chapter is even better than the last one. I loved seeing the interact just like I thought I would. :grin:

How did you get so good at writing?


Ahh thank you!! And practice I guess?


WOAH! This took me MUCH LONGER to read than it should have. I kept reading it over and over so that I didn’t miss anything in my sleep-deprived state.
It’s just so Captivating!!!


Thank you! Yeah I had entire day (the last day of summer, ughhh). Now it’ll take a little longer for me to write since school/sports are starting up but I still want to continue this.


This is really good! It wasn’t long to me at all haha, everything was interesting! :blush:


Coordinating Character Relationships

Since we have to fill out a form for character relationships, I’d like to start coordinating character relationships just like brinn suggested we should. Here are my thoughts for Medsashi, I’d like it if anyone else added things for their characters so that we could coordinate but you don’t have to.


  • Venus I think it is very unlikely that he would hate her.
  • Sanson I think it is very unlikely that he would hate him.
  • Kainda He wouldn’t hate her.
  • Lexi He wouldn’t hate her.
  • Ash He would be wary of him as a fellow rogue but he wouldn’t hate him.
  • Aelar Depending on how Aelar treats other creatures, Medsashi would probably feel differently about him. If he is obvious with his opinions, Medsashi wouldn’t be his friend but he wouldn’t hate him. He’d just make note of the fact that Aelar underestimates other creatures so he could possibly use it later if he absolutely had to. If Aelar kept his opinions to himself, Medsashi wouldn’t hate him.

He’d likely only hate people who try to sabotage him in any way or hurt his family.

I’m not certain what he would feel about these characters. I’d like to ask about the characters’ personality traits that weren’t specified. :sweat_smile:

  • How loyal is your character? Medsashi wouldn’t be close friends or in a wholesome, loving relationship with anyone who he couldn’t trust. They don’t need to be loyal to everyone but he needs to know they can be loyal to him before he’s loyal to them.


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/~/ A Reminder /~/

You have until Tuesday, August 21 to fill out this character relationship form. It may seem daunting after you had to do that super complex sign-up form but all you have to do is click a number next to each character.

Also, does anyone know if something happened to @Tellyg47?

Tagging those who have not submitted yet.

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YAY! More story to come! :smile:

Ummm … I heard from another forumer that @Tellyg47 has a family thing or something, but I don’t know when/if he’s coming back? I’ll ask if they know any more info?!

EDIT: Just received a reply: “He’s at camp apparently and it’s like 3 weeks and it’s only been like one or two weeks I think so far.”


@brinn I’m not really sure how Medsashi would feel about any of them because I don’t know enough about certain aspects of their personalities. Should I just fill it in for now and then if I read something that I think would change his perception about them, tell you about it in a PM?


Yeah, that works!