Lying in bed with spot directing (Solved!)

I have the character in the spot that I want but I it will show them just standing in the spot not lying in the spot. Please help.

Do you have the character doing a lying down action? I would probably try adding this line when you place the character in the spot: @CHARACTER starts idle
That will for sure make them stand rather than lay down.

38%20PM This is the way that I have the Script.

Oh, I see, you want her to be laying down. That should be working, I’m not entirely sure why it isn’t. Maybe add a new additional line where you repeat the lying down action? Add in another @VALERIA is idle_lay_exhausted below that.
I’m not entirely sure why that isn’t working for you. Do you receive any errors in your script?

I don’t receive any errors but I keep refreshing and it still shows her standing. I will try adding the extra line though.

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So I tried the extra line but it still shows the character standing rather than lying.

What’s after the animation? Do you have a dialogue maybe?

I’m putting some dialogue.

Alright, can you try putting exactly this into your script for me?

@cut to zone 2
@zoom reset
@VALERIA spot 0.646 0 463 in zone 2 and VALERIA is idle_lay_exhausted and VALERIA faces left

It worked! Thank you so much for your help!

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Sweet! No problem :smiley:

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