Lying in beds help!


hey guys I was wondering if anyone could help me do this with my characters?
how to get them to lie on the bed?



Sure! I can help you with the script. Do you have the overlay and the background?



All you have to do is find a photo of a bed and add it as a background. Then, all you have to do is add a blanket overlay and add that to the scene. This will make the character look like they are laying in bed. For example:


(‘BLANKET’ is the overlay, ‘INT. BED - DAY’ is the background, ‘with’ is the command to make them appear together.)
Do you have a bed background and a blanket overlay? If not, I can suggest some and tell you where else you can find some.



no I dont I found some beds but I wasn’t sure how to make it do that, they would’ve just laid on it from a distance.



all I did so far I enter: INT. BED - DAY with BLANKET, is that all?

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How do you add the bed as a background??

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@gg_kayy @episodeemx
You have to add the bed as a background. To do this, go onto episode on the computer, go to art catalog, background, and then press the drop down bar saying ‘Background: Available for all stories.’ Press on that, go to ‘Uploaded to your account’ and you can upload the background to your account. It will take a while to get approved, but you can still use it whilst you wait. Then, go onto the art catalog again, and this time on overlays. Press ‘Overlays uploaded to your account’ on the drop down menu, and again, upload the blanket overlay. Then, type in the name of the bed background you’ve uploaded, and the name of the overlay you’ve uploaded, with the word ‘with’ in between.
For example, if you bed background is called ‘INT.BED’ and the blanket overlay is ‘BLANKET,’ the code will look like this:

To find a bed background, all you have to do is go onto google and type in ‘bed birds eye view’ and tons of background will appear. Just download and then upload them to Episode.
I hope this helped. Reply if more help is needed :slight_smile:

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Sorry I just saw your reply, thank you, this helped alot! do you know where I could get a blanket for a ‘birds eye view bed’? x

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i could just attach mine and u can use that one? :slight_smile:

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here are my 2 babe, feel free to use them xoxo


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Thanks for sending these, they will work really well :slight_smile:



Don’t worry about it, I understand that you won’t have seen it immediately. I’m glad I could help you. @gg_kayy has sent you some good examples of some beds and a blanket that could be used and will work really well. Good luck with your story, honey :kissing_heart:

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you’re welcome, im glad :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!! x

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