Lynda's Art Shop! (Closed)

Hello welcome! To the Pop Up! Art Shop!
We do covers,banners,character and background edits,splashes, and overlays.

Make sure to credit @Linlin330,@l.3pisode,@Forever1201
How you request (format):
Pick Artist Lynda,l.3pisode, or Kit Kat
What you are requesting:
Character Details (if you are want us to use characters)(screenshots):
Character pose: (optional)
Text format you want and color (optional)(What you want us to write mature themes and language etc/title of story):
Theme of story/vibe(what is your story about):
Lynda’s Examples


(upload://gqUGjq0kUYQWAAO0Od0svqwqBjL.jpeg) 03|666x500

l.3pisode examples:



Kit kat examples:



WE ARE TRYING ARE BEST TO GET EVERYTHING DONE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE PLEASE DONT RUSH US Also i have school and a life so i work on your request on the weekend and sometimes on the week days if i have time so if your request isnt done in a quickly please understand

Waiting list (starting as soon as possible or working on):
(Large and Small cover) Artist: @Forever1201
(Large cover) Artist: @Forever1201
(Large and Small cover) Artist: @Linlin330
(Splash) Artist: @Forever1201
(Large and small cover) Artist: @l.3pisode
(Large and Small cover) (background) Artist @Linlin330
(Large and small cover) Artist: @Linlin330
(Splash) Artist: @Forever1201
(Large and small cover) Artist: @Linlin330
(Large and small cover) Artist: @Linlin330
(Art scene) Artist: @l.3pisode
(Small cover) Artist: @Linlin330
( Small cover) Artist: @Linlin330
(Art scene) Artist: @Linlin330


Can you make me a summerary cover for my love story on epsiodes

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Okay can you give me the character details Ex: skin color etc. Or a screenshot

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But u need to send specific details :blush:

The girl is the art cover I need she dirty blond hair and red lips

Ok. I need to make sure we are doing it right. Here I’ll give u what we need:

Skin tone
Hair color
Eye color
Lip color
Face shape

Skin: tan hair: down hair color: dirty blond eyes:almond eye color: black eye brows:thin lip:thin lip color:red face shape:heart

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@SmallfriKai your request is done! If you want me to change anything let me know!


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Hey stopping by, what would you need to know for the covers?

Hey thank you so much for stopping by! Well i would need to know your character details like skin color,hair etc a picture of your character if you can, the title of your story, theme or what it is about. And thats pretty much it.

~By Heart Not Eyes~
Kai Starts falling for Evelyn

Skin tone Toffee
Hair Short Cropped Hair
Hair color Chestnut
Eyes Stoic Almond
Eye colorBlue
Eyebrows Thin Arch
Lip Uneven
Lip color Taupe
Face shape Cade
Nose Button

Evelyn is a basic girl who has a lot of attitude trys finding the people who killed her brother
Skin tone Tan
Hair Beach wave hair
Hair color White
Eyes Upturned Luxe
Eye color Green
Eyebrows Mature Round
Lip Full Round
Lip color Scarlet
Face shape Soft heart
Nose Upturned

Alright then :blush:

You wanna do this one kit kat? Im doing 4 splashes right now so if you want to??

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Thank you!!

Yhea sure


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If you change your mind or need help or anything let me know!

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Yeah, no problem hope it was helpful lol