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Pick Artist: @Linlin330
What you are requesting: Cover (large and small)
Character Details (if you are want us to use characters)(screenshots):*
Character pose: (optional)
They kissing or the guy has his arm around the girl or on her belly.
Text format you want and color (optional)(What you want us to write mature themes and language etc/title of story): Title of story: To Find Love Again in aqua blue or red
Theme of story/vibe(what is your story about): Romance is about two couples taht would cheating on by teh person they though love them.
a mother who was cheating on by her husband and the father to her children.

A father of twins who was cheating on by his wife the mother of his children.

Both coming together to find love again.

If you could envolve a beach scene/background would be great if not anything in nature would do.


Got you sweetie❤ Will have it done very soon. And as soon as possible💗


I got you listed​:heart: Do you still need your cover? If so great im doing it. If not its okay and enjoy the rest of your day :heartpulse:


Yes I do still need it thank you so much but I changed something if you haven’t started she is now human that makes it more interesting lol trying to be a young author

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Okay np :heart:


Hi please can I request a character detail banner from @Linlin330 ??
What Are You Requesting? - A character detail banner
Character Details -
Name - Theodosia Bartow
Body - Olive
Brows - Medium Soft Arch
Hair - Layered Hair (Fawn)
Eyes - Upturned Feline (Taupe)
Face - Oval
Nose - Pointed
Mouth - Full Round (Bordeaux)

Outfit -
Dressy Crop Top (Hot Pink)
Bleached Denim Jeans
Lacy Heels (Orchid Pink)

Pose - primp
Text Format And Color - All Of The Character Details including the name and outfit next to the character in a white fancy font
Can I have a red background?
Thank you


hey are you able to make an art scene?

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Yhea someone could do it for u :blush:

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ok thanks!

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Just fill the form please

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I’ll do it right now

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ok can I have 1.3pisode as my artist?
can I also have an art scene with 2 of my characters

my first character is mika

caramel skin
defined natural eyebrows
beach wave hair - black
upturned bold eyes - purple
soft heart face shape
elven nose
and full round lips - plum

for my second character milo
he is her son he is 4 so he’s kind of short

caramel skin
thick arch athletic eyebrows
long bangs hair - black
round piercing eyes - purple
cade face
button nose
smirk - taupe


Okay i got you it will be done soon!


thank you


No problem❤




@episodesarah1 Lol what is smirk taupe, is it a cover, and what pose?


It’s the mouth and the mouth color
And can I have Mika kids her kids cheek


Ok, it’s going to be edited tho because I can’t do 2 characters since I draw on my phone which has a smaller screen


@Lexxie your request is done im sorry if it took long i was working on my over request.
If you want anything changed let me know❤