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Definitely was!


@AubLB your 4 splashes is done!!:heart:


Use these so that they would like the pictures you seen before this. (The right size so they look right lol)


Thank you so much girl!! It’s literally perfect!


No problem! Thank you so much for sticking with me and for coming to my shop​:heart: Your so amazing :kissing_heart::heartbeat:


Of course! <3


Thank you so much!!! I love them!!! :smile:

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Hello :slight_smile: I was passing by and I saw your work. I am writing a story and I am looking for a small and a big cover, as well as background, overlays, arts scenes. It may therefore be that I appeal to you several times for my story if you agree And when you have time of course. At the moment I will need a small and a big cover … Can anyone in your group do it? Thank you in advance for your answers. have a good day :slight_smile:


I could do your cover :blush:

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OK, thanks :slight_smile: So for the big cover of the story here is what I would like!

I would like in the background a hospital. I would like my characters to be entwined (I found you an example of where I want them to be).


That’s just an example of what the position in which I want my characters.

here is their description.

Here is the woman. I would like to be dressed like that.

And for his physical description

Body color: Caramel
eyes brow: Defined Neutral
Hair: Diva Curls (COLOR: charcoal)
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Color: Violet)
Face: Oval
Mouth: Full Round

Here is the male character


Body: Caramel
Eyes brow: Thin Arch
Hair: Cade Messy Hair
Eyes: Athletic Round
Face: Defined Triangle
Mouth: Uneven

Normally I have not forgotten anything for the big cover :slight_smile:

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The title of the story is “Love Bad”

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ok :blush: What id the name of the author of the story?


My author name is Lys31 :slight_smile:

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Okay! :heart:


No problem!


Hi I was wondering if you could make two covers for my story called BoomClap!




Give me the details and i will get started on it right away!


omg thank so much is it alright if they are in limelight


Yeah thats fine!


The Boy
skin: Gold1
Brow: straight medium scar the color copper red
Hair: military fade cut color copper red
Eyes: male generic color emerald green
Face : Chiseled Angular
he has freckles as well
Nose: grecian narrow
Mouth: Medium heart in the color pink peach lt gloss

The Girl
Skin: Copper 9
Brow: arched
Hair: Braids updo in color black dark
Eyes: female generic in color grey cool
Face: diamond
Nose: Pointed downturned
Lips: full round pouty in color dark apricot gloss