Lynda's Art Shop! (Closed)


Okay will get started on yours as soon as possible


Thank you very much



No problem!


Pick Artist Lynda,l.3pisode, or Kit Kat @l.3pisode please
What you are requesting: cover
Character Details (if you are want us to use characters)(screenshots):
skin: Honey
Brows: defined natural
Hair: beach wave hair
Eyes: upturned feline
Face: oval
Nose: soft natural
Mouth: full round
Character pose: (optional)

a mix of the two pics below....look at the woman at the front in the first pic


Text format you want and color (optional)(What you want us to write mature themes and language etc/title of story): Adventurous: Undercover Princess
Theme of story/vibe(what is your story about): Action, set in 1914 in London, about a criminal woman who was hired by the king to protect the prince from people trying to kill him


thanks in advance!


Thank you for following the steps.

I will message @l.3pisode to make sure she knows and yeah!

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thank you! any idea when it will be done?


Probably in a few days. Is that fine?

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sure, i need a small and large…is that alright?


Yeah thats 100% fine!

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do y’all do overlays?


Yup! What overlay do you need?


can you turn this into a png background?




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Give me two minutes and it will be done.


The story is about two people who fall in love in high school but face many challenges because they are from two different backgrounds. for the pose i wanted it to be something more cute and romantic


Okay! Thats definitely helped! Thank you❤



Oops hold up