Lynda's Art Shop! (Closed)

that’s good thank you!


Oh. Okay lol

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And if @l.3pisode doesnt reply your cover will still get done. So dont worry!

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Hey could i request a character detail banner please x

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i would also like to request a few more overlays if that’s okay.

I want one that is just text saying ‘Adventurous:’ then another saying ‘Undercover Princess’

i want the first one’s font to be like something you’d see in a spy movie or an action movie and the second one to be fancy

No problem thats what the shop is here for :heart:

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I got you!

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My details are

skin tone: caramel
eyebrows: seductive arch
face shape: oval
nose: upturned
eyes: upturned feline
eye color: blue
hair: straight
hair color: black
lips: full round
lipstick: scarlet

could my character have her arms crossed thanks x

Would you like it drawn or edited?

edited please x


thank you so much!

So something like this


Just as an example

yes please x

Okay i will be done with it very quick!

thank you x