Lynda's Art Shop! (Closed)

Np thank you for coming!

One question what is your characters outfit?

i dont mind really but something with fishnets x


thank you x

And does she have a name?


Okay its almost done! And np

thank you can’t wait to see it!


Would you like me to change anything?

Omg i love it thank you so much! :heart_eyes::grinning:

Awh no problem! Im happy you love it! :heart::100:

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Without crown

With crown

If you would like me to change something let me know!

Hi i was wondering if I can have a splash… but i’m new and i don’t really know how to get a request.

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Sure. All u have to do is send what u want in your splash :blush:

they’re awesome thanks!

Oh ok thanks!! :woman:

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Yay! Okay no problem. I message @l.3pisode about your request and either way its getting done and started now!

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