Lynda's Art Shop! (Closed)

Like your character details and what you want your splashes to say and stuff like that!


Ok so do I just enter what I want ?:thinking:

Yup! And if you want characters in it what they look like. Ex: skin color, hair, etc! :heart:

Also if you want it saying “this story uses volume so turn up your volume for a better experience” and etc

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what is a splash again i forgot. sorry

A splash is like one of those that says “please turn up your volume” or “follow me on instagram” or “this story contains mature themes and strong language” stuff like that

Ok so what I was thinking was a space or water looking picture ( whichever is easier) with the writing “Turn that Volume Up Cause there’s Music!” on the top of the photo.

Alright :blush:

Yay Thank you!!!

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your welcome :blush:

can my cover be drawn like it is here

Like that close up. But just with the pose with the gun right?

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yea. as long as you can see the tiara, the top half of the gown and the gun

Do you wanna see what i did so far?

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that is amazing but i just realised i forgot to add her outfit! it was this


i am so sorry, it’s completely my fault and if it’s too late i understand

Girl dont worry i got you

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thank you so much!