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Its nothing i cant fix

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Ill send you the update when i fix her features and outfits to make it look lile that picture!

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okay thank you


Hi um i was wondering if his is a seperate app then the actual episode create

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Heres an update


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that is so cool!




I still have to clean it up. But thanks.

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could you make her right arm skinnier please?


Yup i did that in revision. Im stilling fixing it up and then coloring it and stuff.

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I saw your request and I will have it done in a couple of days

Question do you just want woman in the second pic on your cover or all the characters in the background including the woman in the front?

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Linlin did u take @AnonymousAuthor1’s request or should I do it


i wanted the girl in the second pic but in a similar pose to the girl in the 1st pic

i think @Linlin330 is already doing it but you should talk about it with er


May i request something…?

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Sure. :blush:


Story name is Trapped
Author name is Skittles
Story Description: Luna is Trapped, one slight touch with another person and she’s in their mind. what will happen when she meets a mysterious supernatural whos memories she cannot see.

Not published

Luna; tan skin, defined natural eyebrows, beach wave hair (charcoal), upturned bold eyes (blue), face is soft heart, nose is elven, lips are full round (taupe).

Alex: skin is tan, eyebrows are bushy wide, hair is short cropped (platinum blond),
eyes are classic round (green), face is chiseled square, nose is button, lips is classic (taupe)

cover idea: they should be back to back and the girl is crying while the boy is sad, and their hands should be touching.
outfits don’t matter.
cover: its a small cover
i cannot give you an image because it would not let me, i’m sorry about that. :grinning:
thank you so much!! :grinning:

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K, what artist do you want it by?

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This is going to sound dumb but, what do you mean?


There are 3 artists that can do your request. @Forever1201, @Linlin330, or me.
Examples are at the top

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Can you do it for me?

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