Lynda's Art Shop! (Closed)


K, edited or drawn?


Edited, please.


K, I should have it done soon




hey beautiful people!

just wondering what the update is on my covers?

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Someone is currently doing it

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how long will it be? :slight_smile:

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It will depend on the artist

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hey im back lol

i’d like this to made into an overlay pleaseeee


could i also have an overlay of a hand-written note saying: To do: Wash King’s clothes, sweep throne room floors, polish the ballroom, dust the statues. in a list form

and another note in the same font saying Do what I say otherwise he dies.

thanks :))


@l.3pisode could i have an outline ? if you can do it, lmk & i’ll give u the details !


No problem will do it as soon as i get home!

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I gave you different fonts so you options.



thank you! could you make these into overlays though?




Here you go!


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thank you! any news on my cover?


What is your story about/ theme so i know what background to use for your characters please❤ And what you want it took look like. And it will be done today!


It should be done soon!


Yea, just leave the details


I would do it but you have already requested it on another thread