Lynda's Art Shop! (OPEN!)



K, edited or drawn?


Edited, please.


K, I should have it done soon




hey beautiful people!

just wondering what the update is on my covers?


Someone is currently doing it


how long will it be? :slight_smile:


It will depend on the artist


hey im back lol

i’d like this to made into an overlay pleaseeee


could i also have an overlay of a hand-written note saying: To do: Wash King’s clothes, sweep throne room floors, polish the ballroom, dust the statues. in a list form

and another note in the same font saying Do what I say otherwise he dies.

thanks :))


@l.3pisode could i have an outline ? if you can do it, lmk & i’ll give u the details !


No problem will do it as soon as i get home!


I gave you different fonts so you options.



thank you! could you make these into overlays though?




Here you go!



thank you! any news on my cover?


What is your story about/ theme so i know what background to use for your characters please❤ And what you want it took look like. And it will be done today!


It should be done soon!


Yea, just leave the details


I would do it but you have already requested it on another thread