Lyndas Pop up art shop ๐Ÿ’ž CLOSED

:00fidget: Welcome to My pop up shop! :heart:
You may know me from my crazy contest and art shops. Iโ€™m back with a new one but only for a limited time!

1: I am only one person. So understand that I need time.

2: I am only doing 1 request at a time! And will have 3 on my waiting list!

3: Follow my instagram to be updated on my art and maybe another shop! Also for commissions coming soon!

4: Be nice and no drama! Absolutely none!!

5: You have 2 redos. Redo meaning that if you donโ€™t like the font or something simple nothing huge like pose changes and character changes!

6: I can deny any request if i want to! Iโ€™m not obligated to do anything!! Also fill out the request form if not I will deny your request!

7: You must credit @lyndadrawz on instagram!


My art examples:


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Waiting List ๐Ÿ’ž

Working on @Evanna-rose
1: @Jess2112
2: @SunsetKisses
3: @tanmayi0130
4: @rleyva
5: @Simone24
6: @vanessa_epii
7: @queen.sofia
8: @Apart_12345
9: @nadz77
10: @Celestial_Night

Request Form

What are you requesting? (Cover, Splash, Etc)
How many panels?
Character deets (only if your request uses characterโ€™s)
Any words/Sayings wanted? (If so what and in what font)
If your using this for a episode story whats your story name? (even if it hasnโ€™t came out yet!)
your instagram name if you have one (Follow me teehee)
Any specific details?


Hi So here is my request:
I want 3 splashes
I want the one saying โ€™ This story contains matere themes and strong languageโ€™ I want that to have two radom people arguing ( you can create them ) and a colourful background
I want one saying โ€™ This story will be continuedโ€™ to have a beach as the background and the other one saying โ€˜End of episodeโ€™ to have a background with black roses and the sentence to be white
You can add your name somewhere in all of them
Tell me how can I credit you
I hope you donโ€™t take money
I hope itโ€™s not hard to doโ€ฆ
I count on you
My upcoming story is called " Problems"

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can you make me an overlay like a board with a bunch of masked man around the sides and then smack in the middle my character who is missing and I will provide his details down below and if possible could you add like red strings going to each character and then going back to the middle if that makes sense at all lol and when I meant by the board like a whiteboard that can roll around
Hereโ€™s the character!

Please and thank you and I will credit you!
And my story is called To Fight Or Love :two_hearts:

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Cool! I will start your request tomorrow!


Credit me by my instagram @lyndadrawz


Okay so on like a billboard you want all these masked men and you character is in the middle ? Any poses for the characters?


Will do

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Thanks hun

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Just like suspicious poses if that makes sense and then for the guy thatโ€™s missing his arms can just be crossed thank you!

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Okay cool I understand. And you want this on a billboard correct. Just for clarification


No problem!


Yes please like that will roll around so itโ€™s not on a wall

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is this free then? <3

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Do you do limelight?? If so, Iโ€™m interested!

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Yes I do!


cool! I was wondering if you could make me a small cover for my story โ€œout of the shadowsโ€?

MC details:
skin: neutral 03
eyebrows: arched natural (dark brown)
eyes: deepest downturned (blue green)
face: square defined
nose: defined natural
lips: full flat top pouty (rose light nude gloss)
hair: updo pony wavy long (platinum white)
(however, you can do whatever hairstyle you want)

LI details:
skin: neutral 03
eyebrows: straight medium (dark brown)
hair: medium side curls (brunette brown)
eyes: narrow almond deep sunken
face: square long jaw shadow
nose: Grecian narrow
lips: medium straight natural (beige rose)

The MC is a singer and the LI is a guitarist (if that helps you any.) if you need more info please let me know!

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Okay cool! Iโ€™ll get on it!

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thank you!!

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No problem! And I just noticed I forgot to put my limelight examples :sweat_smile: I just added one

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