LYNNE’S ART SHOP 💕 Always open and hiring!

Opened 7/1/2020.

Welcome to my art shop! 1000% free.

1. Please no thread-hopping!
2. Give credit to artist in any episode you use their work.
3. Be patient and kind! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
4. Use password potato when you request. Please blur it out as well.
5. Do not steal examples or banners. It’s just common courtesy.
6. Be specific as you can!

  • Custom Overlays
  • Re-Backgrounding Pictures
  • Edits
  • Outro
  • Intro
  • Backgrounds
  • Small/Large Cover
  • Character Cards (All I need is a picture of character, eye color, skin color, lip color, and eyebrow color. The rest can be eyeballed.)
  • Banners

My Examples

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Minor Edit
hello I am here to put a request girl
here is my mc

and here is her outfit

and I 3ould her be smiling with her closed with a simple make up look hope to hear back and also when my stroy comes out can I use you for overlays

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Any specific background requests?

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no just really a edit girl

and no you can just do light blue

Okay. I didn’t quite understand the animation request. Do you want her smiling with her eyes closed just like the first person in my example??

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yes sorry I should’ve been more exact but yes exactly

Can you do INK?

Of course!

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If you want less or more of something let me know!

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wow that was hella quite I love it thank you haha

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how do whata be credited

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Just add a readerMessage or credit me at the end of whatever episode you use it on. :smiley: Credit my insta @lynneh.episode
I’m glad you like it!!

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yeah I do for sure have a good day mate :heart: :space_invader:

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A minor request!!
Skin: Honey
Face: Oval
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Taupe)
Nose: Elven
Mouth: Full Round (Scarlet)
Hair: Beach Wave Black

I would like the highlight, defined cheekbones, and a pink background…I don’t have a specific background!
And could you put my instagram and your instagram on there. please?..I want to use it as a outro for my story in every episode!!

Any font suggestions or ideas where you want the instagrams??
Just want to preserve any “vibes” you’ve got going on your story.
Do you want accented eyelashes or eyeliner? Or just more defined face?

Oh, and outfit? Any thing specific you’d like?

For a while I’ve wanted to try doing some of my own art, but I haven’t been able to find the right app. Do you know any good ones?

If you’re looking for editing apps (like the very simple edits I do) I’d suggest Photoshop Fix. Overlays and re-backgrounding or insanely easy collages with helpful stickers is Bazaart (Although a subscription, but they have a free month trial). In terms of digital art of speed paint, I’ve heard a lot of suggestion of Gimp (the app’s terrible but the computer software is good, although confusing), MediBang, and ibis Paint X.

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Thanks :grin:

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