LYNNE’S ART SHOP! 💕 (Open, Hiring, and very Bored)

Welcome to my art shop!
As of right now, I am the only one who is editing. If you’d like to join the team, keep scrolling for a link. :))
I hope this sucker is easy to navigate. I know sometimes art shops are more tedious than helpful.

1. Do not steal examples.
2. Credit authors on any episodes you use their work.
3. Please be patient!

  • Edits
  • Character Cards
  • Backgrounds
  • Covers
  • Overlays
  • Sometimes Outfits
  • Basically anything except hand drawn? :joy:


We accept commissioned and free artists.

Just title your comment Hiring Application and provide…
Instagram (for credit)
Author Name
What you can do
Examples (please hide examples in details to avoid long comment length)


i don’t need any edits or anything rn but your art is really good!!

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