Lynx Poetry Shop ( Happy to help)

I’m making poem just for you .

Info of the poem
For whom:
Story plot:

Just please acknowledge me for my work if you’re gonna use it.


This is very nice of you ^^
On a side note, the background and font from the poem are from Instagram, right? :smile:
Or am I wrong? :thinking:
It just reminded me so much of it : )

Have fun <3

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Yeah that’s from instagram cause lots of my poem that I created was mostly written and shared at my insta accnt . But for those who wants to have a poem , All I can do is to type it here or If you like I can make some background for it also.

That’s cool, you’re doing something that you love and find passion in it ^^

I love writing poems, too but I’m not ready to share them with others…not yet :rofl:

Seriously good luck, pour your heart out in your amazing, lovely poems, enjoy doing it and I hope you get a lot of people requesting : )

Much love, JemU776 :heartbeat:

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Ow thank you , I’m hoping someday I can read yours when you’re ready! Yeah I needed those good lucks .

I really appreciate you’re advise and good deeds :raised_hands:t2:


Info of the poem : (i dont understand)
For whom: to her friends
Story plot: girl finds herself stuck on a scary game with her close friends
Emotion : scared, sad , fear ?

Is she aware about the game or she’s been tricked?

she is aware about the game , in the story it goes like ; someone kiddnaped all of her friends to play this game that will risk their lives , will she be able to save all her friends?

So her friend is good then?

her friends are good

Okay I’m on it.

Done I hope you’ll like it . :blush:
Don’t forget to credit me :raised_hands:t2::blush:

Metaphors of hope

She was a cage bird,

A mocking jay without a voice,

Caged in the gloom of darkness.

She sang songs of heart throbbing emotion,

And played melodies of continuous tragedies.

She fly in life’s desolation

And felt the pull of never ending stress weighing her down.

But she stood under the relentless pressure,

And never stop soaring.

She heard tunes of everlasting joy and peace,

And never strayed.

She found her way through the darkness,

And never doubted.

A girl once rise in clouded adversity,

Now soaring in ceaseless exultation.


here’s my request!

thank you! :yellow_heart:

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Here’s your poem , thank for patienly waiting .
Just please acknowledge me for my poem . Have a good day :raised_hands:t2:


In this sea of faces,

yours is all I see.

In a room bursting with sunshine,

your eyes would be the one I see

You are a bee

But I’m not a flower

Seeing you flee

Makes a tear fall for an hour

This is love, I supposed

And eventually I’ll know

You’re not a drop in the ocean

But you’re the entire ocean in a drop

You’re the poem I never knew how to write

The voice I never knew I could listen

And this is the story I’ve always wanted to tell

It’s all been with you

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Sorry again

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thanks again! im deep in love with it and yes, ill make sure to credit you if ill use it :yellow_heart:

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Come back again if you need some poem , and I’m happy to help.

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Oh my god thank you so much , i love it alot . i will use it in my story and credit you


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