M to F Wedding-Ring Ideas

There are some of us who enjoy writing about weddings or who have suggested in the arts & features section for wedding rings and best friend items as apart of episode accessories, or tattoos, or other. I have a temporary solution that might satisfy you for now until that wish is fulfilled.

*Note: I’m only doing male to female because it’s harder to find accessories to match between the two. We have to switch between gender items in order to search for particular matches in accessories that may not be on the other side. Please understand that it’s easier to match with same-sex relationships because there is no need to switch from one gender to another to find a matching set. It’s already present and available. However, if you want, I don’t mind adding that too.

Matching Wedding Sets

Cross Necklace Metal Silver (both male and female)
Headwear “Circlets”(both genders)
Long Chain Ring Necklace Metal Gold (male) and Ringed Long Chain Necklace Metal Gold (female)
Long Chain Ring Necklace Metal Silver (male) and Ringed Long Chain Necklace Metal Silver (female)
Pink and blue watches (both genders)
Grey watch (females) and Black watch (males)
Floral crowns
The snapbacks, preferably with hearts (both genders for weird couples :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)
Starry Choker Black Gold (Both genders for dark couples :vampire:)
Elven Ears (male and female for cute, enchanting, or weird besties/couples)
Bell Collars (both genders for sensual or strange couples/besties)

Share some of your ideas below! It would be cool to see more of them for same-sex and opposite. :blush:

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