Macaroni’s Art Shop [OPEN]

Hello lovelies!
I’m opening an art shop where anyone can come on and request I make them something :yay:

As of now, here are the things my shop offers:

  • Covers (Big or small, LL or Ink)
  • Custom Poses
  • Special Art Scenes (Edited ONLY)
  • PFP
  • Character Details
    I am still learning how to drawn art, so as of now, everything I do will be EDITED

Now, you have two choices when it comes to the cover. You can either have one with just an edited photo and no characters, or one that
includes your legit characters!
Here are the things I need to know
Without Characters:
-Your username(If you want it included)
-Short description
-Whether it is a dark or happy story
create their outfit)
-[Optional] A description of an ideal cover (if you have one)

With Characters:
-Username (If you want it included)
-short description
-whether it is a dark or happy story
-the characters’ COMPLETE description (the colors and hairstyles that are on character creator)you want included on the cover
-The outfits they should be wearing (or their style if you want me to create their outfit)
-[Optional] A description of an ideal cover (if you have one)

Custom Poses

For this, I will need the FULL description of all the characters you want included (As well as the outfits.

I also will need a photo or a short description of the desired pose.

Art Scene

I’ll need the COMPLETE description of the characters in the scene (and yes, with the outfits)

I also need a short description of what you want me to do along with a background.


By this point, I probably sound like a broken record XD

Anywho, I will need the characters’ FULL description and outfit.

Please tell me what you would like the background to be as well as if you want that character in a unique pose.

Character Details

You probably guessed it, but I’ll need the characters’ complete description as well as the outfit.

Let me know the background and if you have a certain font or layout you would like me to do!

All I ask in return is that you credit me with
Cover made by:
Episode: ~Macaroni~
Forum: turtlelover1025
when you post the story!

  • Credit me! - I put a lot of hard work into these covers, and I’d appreciate it if you credited me : )
  • No secret thread-hopping! - As I said before, a lot of hard work goes into these covers, and it hurts if they are just thrown away! If you don’t like my cover, please tell me, I’ll try and fix it for you! If you still dislike it, go ahead and request on another thread!
  • If you have an idea in mind, but don’t tell me, please don’t get upset if what I create isn’t what you envisioned. I can’t read minds! XD
  • Password: Cheesy

Here are a few examples of my work:



Waiting List

can u make me a cover

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Definitely! Just make sure you put down the appropriate information and I’ll get started right away!

a girl with a knife in hand like she is palnning to kill someone

skin tone- neutral 01
hair- boufant long wavy- color- deep brown
eyebrows- arch thin color- black
eyes- monolid slender color- blue green
face- diamond
nose- grecian soft
lips- thin heart - color- peach matte
background- red
clothes - any red dress
thats it thanks

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something like this

May I have a cover without my real characters but I want a character that resembles my main character. So I guess that would mean I still have to put my character’s description.

Title- Worlds Apart
Username- MusicMadness
Genre- Fantasy
Setting- Between two worlds
Whether it is a dark or happy story- Its mostly a dark story with a little bit of happy stuff

Short Story Description

]This story is about a girl who has never meet her mother and her father never wanted to tell her anything about her mother. One day on her 16th birthday she finds a box with her mother’s name on it. In the box is a bracelet. Before she goes to sleep that day, she does something to the bracelet and it transport her to another world. A world of magic, fairies, wizards. It feels like a fairytale. The only way to go back to her world is to find her mother.

Character Details

Main Character
Gender- girl
Skin- Neutral 04
Hairstyle- Long Voluminous Curls Loose
Hair color- copper red
Eye color- violet
Face shape- Heart soft
Mouth- Full round pout

Ideal Cover

I would like something that has someone who looks like the character I described. I want the main character in the middle of the screen. Behind her are two scenes split. one side is a modern street, the other a more fantasy medieval street. Then the title of the story underneath the girl.

The should be something along these lines. I just want it to be split screen.

Background Example


If you can’t do this then that’s fine

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Definitely can!
So do you want your Episode character in the cover, or just a lookalike person (Sorry)

I want a look alike but in a more cartoon realistic type style if you can

I’ll see what I can do!

I’ll get started!!!

Thank you

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Does this look good for your character? I want to make sure you like before I start!

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she is perfect

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Do you like any of these photos ?
I can change eye color

image image image

Before I forget, would you like a title and username included?

I like this one

Sweet! I’ll start!

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Revenge Love as title please

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Here’s what I’ve got! If you dislike anything, please tell me and I’ll fix it!


loved it

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