Madison’s ART Shop! *Profile Pics, Watermarks, Splashes, Covers, Overlays, Character Edits, And Background Edits!*


Here is your store!



I will start on your gas station! Should be done tomorrow!


Awesome news @everyone! I am expanding my thread!!! :grin::grin::grin: Just a little tho :crazy_face:
I will now be doing Watermarks!!! As Soon as they load examples will be put in the thread!


omg I love it!!! Thank you!


Wait the other didn’t load, that was kinda a joke one lol. Want the one with a plant instead of a pineapple?



small letters


Yeah I kinda don the like this so I will change it up…


@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE I made the gas station but I don’t like it… at all. So I will start over in the morning!


are you sure?? At least show me what you have.


Ehh it’s bad af

Awful Gas Station


omg perfect thank you


Seriously… you want that? Are you sure you don’t want something different or changed?


nope I love it!


Also I updated some of my examples!


I was wondering if you could do a character edit for me?
If you can here are the details.
(I’m not sure what details you need, but here is all of them)
Skin Colour : Caramel
Eyebrows : Seductive Round
Hair : Long Feathered
Hair Colour : Black
Eyes : Round Bold
Eye Colour : Green
Face : Oval
Nose : Upturned
Lips : Full Round
Lip Colour : Bordeaux

Also if possible could you put her is a funny pose or something?
If not I totally understand!

Thanks a million!


Is it just a Character Edit?


Ok I need you to answer these questions real quick!
Is it just an edit?:
What’s it for? Is it for a splash, cover, or pfp?:
What is the outfit?:
What style painted, contour, outfit changed or all?:
If you want outfit change what does it look like/theme?:

Any Peircings or Tattoos:

Peircing and Tattoos



Outfit Edit

  1. Yeah it is just an edit.
  2. Could it be a splash please?
  3. Just pants and a top please.
  4. Just the top and pants please.
  5. Yeah just a few piercings in her ear please.


What do you want it to say?


Could it just say The Power Within?


Can you send me the character you want in the pose you want?