Madison’s Profile Pictures and User Card Backgrounds or whatever they’re called!


Ok let’s get this straight, I’m can’t do anything like my pfp if you want that go to @stephp99. I’m not the best nor will I ever be the best, but if you like my examples and want it done soon I’m your gal. So let’s see the examples!

Profile Pictures


Also say you want the profile picture to be you just drawn I can do that too! Here are some examples!

Person Profile Pictures


Credit to @TeahWalker for this beautiful face. If you want to see the original follow her in Instagram @TeahWalker323.

Now the user card backgrounds!

User Card Backgrounds

No one requests these really so I don’t have very many lol.

Hope you Request!

Can someone make me a better profile photo please?

I know this is ind of random but I just love your artwork! You are sooo good! What app do you use?


I use PicsArt!


Is that free?


I use the free version but you can pay monthly or yearly for the pro. But I use the free side!


Thank you! I have always used ibis paint x but I do want to try something new!


Can I have a pfp with this


Sorry for the late reply, been writing my story, of course! Could you possibly send it with better quality?

I need a cover for my story Lost Boy

Hi you asked if you could make me a profile picture, do you need anything?


Yes I need these!

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Mouth Color:
Face Shape:


Hair: Messy Back Bun
Hair Color: Light Blue
Eye: Upturned Luxe
Eye Color: Brown
Mouth: Full Round
Mouth Color: Raven
Nose: Elven
Skin: Taupe
Face Shape: Diamond
Outfit: Denim Shorts Blue breezy Shirt


I will start now! :grin: thanks again


No request yet. (It is coming soon.) But I love your edits! How long have you been editing if you don’t mind me asking?


Sorry just finished @JordN’s Request, And uhhh probably a month ago I think


Here it is!

Even though you didn’t ask for it I made you a user card.




Hair: beach waves
Hair Color: black
Eye: round bold
Eye Color: brown
Mouth: blossom lips
Mouth Color: dark
Nose: hooked
Skin: rosewood
Face Shape: round




She left the forums


For good?


Yes but I am on insta.