Madison's Overlay Shop [OPEN]


Hey! My name is Madison and I wanted to open a shop for you for overlays if you would like some made .
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: As far as body overlays go, I only do arms. (I just don’t want to give you something that I made that I’m not proud of.) Thank you for understanding.
Here is how it works.

  1. A good description of the overlay you would want.
  2. Make sure to credit me @lion._.episode
  3. Tell me when you need it.

I do have other things to do as well, so I might not always be here. Ask away though. I have the time in my description :stuck_out_tongue:


Could a get a robot hand overlay like this? Ink please.

Thanks, no rush.




Heyyy! Im in need of an overlay, like this!

Ive tried to make it myself, but when I end up putting it on, it hides behind the background for some reason.
hope you can help, I’d like the finished product as soon as possible, but i’m patient! :slight_smile:
The background is EXT. GREEK GAMES POOLSIDE - DAY.


Hi Madison! Do you happen to do blanket/comforter overlays? :slight_smile: