MadisonW’s art Shop 2.0!


So I decided to open up my shop buuut I have school. So you will only be able to get pfp/Edits or a Background here. Thank you!

Now some rules:

  1. Please DON’T request the same thing from other threads.
  2. Please be patient, the time I set is approximate, it’s not written in stone.
  3. Please be nice but truthful!! Let me know if you don’t like the artwork/ if you would like something changed.
  4. Please Don’t Steal My Art!

Now here are examples!


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image image image image image|f4838f69662cf1458e0635c8373e06d4f76adf9b_1_454x500|454x500 503x500 image image


Waiting List:


Can you do an edit of my character?


Yep! Send the deets!



Anything you want done specifically and pose/background?


Umm… make the background pretty. Maybe flowers or something. Maybe the animation can be flirt_finger_snap. I think that’s what it’s called. Thanks!




which would you like as a bg?
image image image image


The second or the third one. Doesn’t really matter to me.:grin:


Does this look ok? I couldn’t figure out what to really do with it…


I love it! Thank you!:sparkling_heart:


Can I request a background?


I would like a cover.






Heading to school now though


That’s Ok I can wait but here are the can u make a bedroom. Can you make a pink one.
Three panels


I’ll get everything together asap and you take your time and get to mine when you have time. Thank you.