Mads edited character cards! (Semi realistic standout character cards) [4 spots open πŸ’–]

hi loves!
So this thread is for edited character cards - which means I will be making a custom posed,custom hair (if you want one or you have more than one fav hairstyle) character cards for you!

I will make custom hair and custom posed character cards in this thread

Heree are my example’s:

A Character card for @goldpigs

On going Character card for @Akanksha.writes

Just tell me how you want your character card and I will make it for you! :wink:

Here are the details that I need;

Your character details
Pose reference
Your personality ( so that you can express your self in the card)
The background
Your outfit
What type of edit to want ( example if you want a fantasy theme I can make a fantasy theme Character card)

I will be taking 5 requests atm

I can make anything you ask for!

Thank you for checking this thread out

Happy requesting! :blush:


Wow, :astonished: it came out amazing and good luck with the shop!!!


Good luck :slight_smile:


Good luck



Change her hair with long down wavy princess braid and the tattoo on her leg with snake tattoo
Shes sassy-dirty minded-jealous-stubborn-bold-extrovert

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Thanks @CarbiD
I’ll start on it soon!

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Can I also send u her li details?

Do you want them in the same card or different and do you have any pose reference you want?

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Something flirty for her and for him you’re free to choose

And these are two different character cards right?

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His personality is similar to denise but he also is mysterious, funny , sweet

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